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Jul 7, 2002
Sittingbourne, Kent.
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Dear all,

Just to set some minds at rest about our summer GTG.

This event is being advertised as a JOINT informal event between our club and the MBOC. I do not intend to let any one group take over this event or try and claim it as there own.

Any articles on this GTG must be clearly titled as a joint GTG with both clubs being equally mentioned.

I'am fully aware what happened with the MBOA and dont intend to allow the same thing to happen again.

The above posting has also been dislayed on the MBOC club site.

Sorry for sounding tough but those helping organise this event intend to make this the biggest one yet, and wont allow any one group to spoil it for the others.

Thanks, now lets party .

:bannana: :bannana:

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