Heavy fuel consumption

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Stats wear down and need changing. Id be inclined to change it. its now 5 years old, mb stats are not the best!
Stats wear down and need changing. Id be inclined to change it. its now 5 years old, mb stats are not the best!
Having drove it to work this morning 25 minutes journey 5 to get to motorway hottest it got too was 60 degrees…..:
Ive had the c220d coupe today as a curtesy car and never went above 80° all day and took for ever to get warm (5k miles on the clock) and checking fuel consumption it was registered 46mpg
My E220 never takes more than 7 or 8 mins to reach its 90c, so as already mentioned by several posters, the thermostat is not working correctly, As for the actual consumption, for me the only real way to get the true figures is the old fashioned way, Next refueling, fill it to the max ( or as a friend of mine says " Until it comes out on to your shoes... LOL 😂) Note the mileage at that point, and drive away until it shows 1/4 full or less. Re fill it at that point, check your mileage. Subtract the first speedometer readings from the newest one to get the mileage travelled, and you will have the Nr Ltrs / Gallons on your receipt. Divide the Nr of Ltrs / Gallons into the mileage, and you will have your actual consumption figures.
Yes get the stat changed and then forget the onboard computer,fill up the tank by putting the nozzle all the way in and when it clicks stop reset the trip and run the car then do the same thing again then get the calculator out
What's the mileage on the car? My 250cdi takes about 5-10 mins to get to about 80C maybe 90C depending on outside temp BUT.. only on the school run mix of 30mph, 60mph roads. Yet on a commute to the office which is much longer (30minutes) all fast 60mph roads, it usually never gets to 80C..... Fast air moving etc. And on a motor way run it takes 10-15mins but gets to 90C and stays there, but the engine is revving higher than on the commute. Its working fine..

It really depends on your driving style and conditions as to how warm the coolant gets. Just because it isn't getting to temp doesn't mean its faulty, I would take it on a run first for a good hour and see how it goes.

Also do you have your heater blasting out warm air? this takes heat away from the engine..

A cold engine will use more fuel, this may be part of the problem.. so there may not be a problem at all. I would take it on a good run and see.
So i done a little further digging before it went in to garage for repairs and appers to be fuel around injectors all the way from cylinder 1-4
Awaiting a reply from dealer…
Brim the tank, drive it on the motorway at 70 mph, brim the tank - calculate actual fuel consumption based on the from start trip meter. The little computer isn't very accurate and it tends to over estimate fuel efficiency. I believe that the actual fuel consumption can be monitored from the central navigation screen too, but its value isn't in calculating actual figures, but more how your driving affects the car's calculation. On a long motorway journey I can expect 55mpg plus on my 2 litre petrol. I have at times tried to really push the eco setting which allows coasting. It would also be adviseable to have all 4 tires correctly inflated and to reset the monitoring levels.


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