How do I unlock a 280SL boot?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by gasgas, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Jan 29, 2016
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    Its a long story but I have a 1994 280SL with a totally flat battery, which is in the boot. I inadvertently shut the boot with the only key I have, inside the boot. I have managed to wrench the boot lid up and using a magnet on a stick I have recovered the key.
    Is the boot lock operated by vacuum (of which I have none so the engine would need to start to get some) or is it operated electrically (of which I have none so I would need to charge the battery) or is it operated mechanically by the key which I do have, and I have tried, but the effort of lifting the boot lid by two inches to recover the key may have mangled the lock mechanism.

    I would love any suggestions as to how to charge the battery and get the boot open. Of course if I can get the boot open first, I could then charge the battery. I guess I could charge the battery with the ignition on position 1, and wire up a charger to the cigarette lighter socket.
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    It's mechanical. Keep trying the key while jiggling and pushing the lock in. Battery you can charge from underneath hook up your charger to the starter. The cig lighter will be dead unless you have some battery power. It's controlled by a relay.

    This may help.

    Boot locking and battery drain help - Mercedes-Benz Forum

    Your not the 1st, good luck.
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