Insurance Fraud - In detail - Don't be a victim

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He gave us chapter and verse on this scam, and forecast it would be coming to mainland UK before long as the risk/reward ratio was so favourable. But as far as I am aware, and it was a detailed account, it was all white British-born (NI) citizens involved.


Apparently, there isn't as much take up on rear ending Romany caravans here...
Small bump on this - a friend of mine got this type of scam tried on him the other day - another car bumped him at 5mph, - whilst they were all crying and claiming whiplash, he was on the phone to the police. - As soon as the realised the police were coming, they suddenly felt better, got in the car and sped off.
This is something that I'm all too familiar with as its part of my daily job.

It's an interesting article and mostly correct, though a little out of date.

The rags hanging from the back of cars has been debunked at least 2 years ago as being unrelated to staged accidents or fraud.

Unfortunately, the UK tends to leads the way when it comes to new fraud scams, which are then passed on to Ireland and then onto mainland Europe.

This isn't some small chancer trying it on, it really is organised crime, with all the risks, unpleasantness, violence etc that goes with it.

For years the government and police tried to pretend it wasn't a real problem and something the insurance industry should sort out themselves .. that is until we provided evidence that certain terrorist groups were using funding from staged accidents to support their activities...

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