LED daytime running lights

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Mine stay on all the time, during the day and at night if that helps! But I haven't selected anything, light settings on auto - C Class Coupe 2012
jose7090 said:
How do I do that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
Go to a specialist much cheaper than stealers!
Just explain that it can be done via star as some specialists may have never come across this request like mine.. or if you are located in the south visit Alfie at comand..
That's strange I've seen hundreds of mb's such as e, c and cls which have both on I.e main headlights and drl which are placed at the bottom corners of the front bumper! Oh mine have both on at night and don't dim, they do look super cool ; ) I have HID ILS

You could be right and maybe I've just never noticed. As far as I'm concerned, provided oncoming cars have their lights on in low light conditions and they aren't dazzling me, then I'm happy. :D

Not too worried about them (or me for that matter) looking cool. ;)

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