1. Dizz

    LED's ?

    Front headlights (2004 CLK320) Im guessing the white light is a led and the other haven't been changed? Is it easy to change the bulbs?
  2. Eee21

    ML W166 LED Indicators

    I want to if possible change the front indicator bulbs to LED so there crisper , brighter and i think more up to date. Has anyone done this if so with which ones and how do you get to them. thanks.
  3. AngryDog

    Decent interior LED kits for W211

    My E55 has has LED's installed but they keep flickering, so I think the bulbs are likely crap ones. Does anyone have any recommendations of decent kits? Thanks.
  4. B


    The LED displays are starting to fail W208 CLK 2002 RHS never worked LHS temp has started to break up Who fixes these (South Yorks) Is it a DIY proposition Anyone???
  5. PaulPJ

    Cclass W204 Door Mirror LED Repeater

    Hi Chaps, some very kind soul decided that my LED repeater on the passenger side door mirror needed smashing whilst parked at Sainsburys. I have order the part but have no idea how to go about replacing it. Could some kind person explain the process to me in simple steps please. Paul
  6. clk320x

    Error Free LED bulbs thread

    As a lot of people on here often search for error free LED bulbs I thought we should start a thread where people who have them could post links to the ones they have... I'll get the ball rolling W5W Sidelights - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322120185485 I should have a set of 239 festoons...
  7. C

    W166 2014 bulb failure warning with led's on caravan

    Hi guys can anybody offer advice on how to stop bulb failure message on command when caravan connected, van has led lights all lights working ok
  8. FordToMerc

    Unknown LED on Dashboard

    Could someone please advise me what this LED is for. I removed the cover next to the display to reveal the LED. There is a hole in the cover so the light can shine through, but have never seen it on. 2012 C-Class C180 W204 1.6litre Petrol.:dk:
  9. -AJC-

    2006 ML W164 - LED DRL / Turn indicator

    I've seen these LED DRL / Turn Indicators on YouTube and want to retrofit to my car. I think they look very OEM and don't ruin the look of the car or require any modifications to the front bumper. Here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxIhjoYy9MY I haven't visited...
  10. clk320x

    Error Free LED Sidelights or Number Plate Bulbs

    Has anyone ever found some LEDs for sidelights and number plates that don't throw out the annoying error on dash.. The Halfords ones worked in my cousins SLK, but after much wasted time even their 'canbus' options don't work in the CLK. They won't even switch on! (Tried both ways) Does anyone...
  11. M

    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    Is it as easy as seen in this video..?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX4c1Gt4N8M
  12. bpsorrel

    R172 SLK LED DRLs

    Just a quick question :) I noticed on my '15 SLK that when the doors are unlocked with the fob, the headlights briefly come on with dimmed DRLs. But when the car is running, the DRLs go off when the headlights (halogen) come on. Clearly the dimming circuitry is in place, so is there...
  13. Davycc

    LED bulbs for mirror indicator

    Hi all, After reading write ups on repairing the indicators etc on the auto fold mirrors I went ahead and had a go at fixing mine. Job was easy (hardest part was indeed getting the door card back on. Anyway both worked for a couple of days then the passenger side failed today. I checked...
  14. K

    LED intelligent lights

    Any experiences on here of the car in front indicating that they don't like your LED intelligent lights? Car is a 2015 E350 and in auto mode with main beam assist the lights are not shining on the car in front.
  15. S

    Are my new Philips LED Daylight 9 DRL kit faulty or a CL500 quirk?

    Before wiring in the new LED DRLs, I tested them, purely because its a little tricky to feed the wires without cutting any panels or grills or wires on the kit. These lights apparently sense an increased voltage from the alternator, and switch on the LEDs when the engine is running. My...
  16. S

    Wanted: Killerhertz LED Sidelight Bulbs for W211

    Evening fellas, I'm after side light bulbs for my W211, specifically ones that are the closest colour match to the headlights. Been doing some digging through the forum and it quite possibly seems to me that Killerhertz is a specialist in this area. Many thanks!
  17. A

    W211 (E-Class) LED Cluster for Right Rear Brake Light

    I had to replace the whole offside rearlamp unit on my 2005 C-Class Saloon because one lens was broken. This means that the working LED cluster from the unit I removed is available if anybody needs one. If your car is the same body-type, and needs a replacement brake light LED cluster, this...
  18. clk320x

    LED number plate light supplier

    I have practically given up on LED number plate lights now. Every set I have got have given me errors... really annoying :wallbash: Anyone know of anyone supplying appropriate ones which are error free? Cheers Abs
  19. nickpb

    Seeking help to remove 3rd brake light (LED) on W204 estate

    3 of the LED's on the third brake light on my 2012 C220cdi Estate are dim and flickering. I'm hoping that it won't mean a completely new unit, but I'm having trouble working out how to remove it. I'm guessing that the trim round the rear screen has to be 'levered' off, but I'm hoping that...
  20. M

    LED intelligent lights

    Hi Guys, my LED intelligent lights as far as I can make out, are working ok, turn into corners, main beam dips etc, however, in settings it says it is inoperative, my friend has same system, but his settings shows picture of car and it's on, any suggestions?
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