Meet Silvia the s211 e55 7 seater

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Nice House Gav and what a journey you've been on with this car ! It's one of the better ones out there! Good Luck wit the new house, we moved recently and I'm still amazed at how much stuff we squeezed into the s211 280 a van !
Nice house Gav! Sad to see Silvia go as she was such a beautiful machine. However, I remember what happened after you sold Brutus, wasn't long before the itch came back lol. Looking forward to the next one in due course.

Great that you have put your mum etc come and go. I also have my granddad living with me for this very reason
Great move Gav,do not expect you to make many posts just yet because your OCD will be working overtime getting your new place how you want it,shame about the car she was in great shape a tribute to your ownership, a shame you could not get the sellers of your house to leave the teddy bears picnic in the front garden,always enjoyed looking at that driving past :rolleyes:
The Beware of the Bears and Moose signs we are keeping lol ;)

We have a Fish pond with a Carp in it, I've nick named it Dave after the guy who did the fence haha.

House is getting there, Had a new fence and gate put round tidied the Hedges up and Decorating did i mention decorating lol

New Kitchen, New En suite, New bathroom and cloak room going in.....

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