Robbie Williams

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Feb 13, 2003
C250 AMG Line Premium Plus. W205
Have heard he has bought himself a nice new car! A black and chrome SLR.The jammy git :D
He didn't pay for it, it was free from MB as Smart sponsor his tours.

He picked it up from Mercedes Beverly Hills on wednesday.
And from what I read the pi**ock has failed his driving test several times and had to get a mate to drive it :eek: :eek: :eek:
As he didn't choose the car and can't even drive do you think he was looking forward to picking it up? - or just viewed it as another publicity event he had to do? What a waste! and to think we are paying for that freebee.

Me, bitter? never!
I think they would get much more free publicity if they were to give the likes of a common average day worker, like myself,"cough" the keys to such a beast :)

If anyone from mercedes uk wants to contact me please leave mesage here!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :D :D :D :bannana:

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