Slump hits Bentley car production

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Their August sales in the UK were down 31%.

Mercedes was down 35%.
My brother is a business manager at MB and he says things are very tough ATM. The salesmen are struggling to make a living.
I would change mine in an instant if they put some value in the cars. The PCP/lease deals look great, but you add on the "essential" MB options - leather, auto (if it's not standard), COMAND, phone prep etc etc, and the monthly cost goes through the roof.
I visited the MB dealer in the next town a week or so ago. Expressed my surprise to the salesman at seeing an E63 estate in the showroom given the cost of having such a piece of metal just sitting there.

He replied that he had full confidence in it selling pretty quickly, as the dealership had sold 7 AMG models (he rattled off the variety) in the previous 4 weeks

Also hear that Land Rover have stopped their night shift and gone to a four-day production week
a lot of this is all just the media scare mongering.. they have nothing else to write about so even if we are not really going down the pan we should all buy in cases of value beans and frozen bread...
while were there cut our floor pans out and go to work flintstone style.
theres alot of good deals to be had atm especially for big engine cars, i'm looking for a new car and theres a big choice. so its not all bad:)

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