W126 manual on DVD: probs

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Aug 28, 2008
'85 280SE
Hi folks,

I bought a manual set from eBay, and managed to install it after a good long while... But all the images are in like 4 tones of grey - like a really bad photocopy, sort of thing.

Is that usual? Is there a decent soource for a W126 manual, or are they all the same...


PS - I guess there's no paper one like a Chiltons or equiv? Ta.
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Unfortunately that's essentially what the CD manuals are -Scanned copies of the original printed W126 manuals. I think this was the cheapest way for MB NA to comply with the freedom of information act in the USA. Its only when you get to the late 90's when the all the service information was in digital format do you get the quality images you might expect. You can get reprints of the original printed manuals ( can't comment on their quality) from specialist sources and possibly MB themselves http://www.mercedes-benz-classic.co...service/spare_parts/technical_literature.html but not cheap.
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Thanks for that. It's 99 Euros, might have to go for that but I'll press on with the CD effort for now.

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