W208 - Replace Bottom Door Rubbers

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Mar 8, 2013
CLK 230K W208
Hi all,

I need to replace the rubber at the bottom of both doors:

Part/s 2086900382, 2086900482

It seems like a simple job I could do myself.

I was wondering how to remove / replace these. Do they simply pull off / clip or are they fixed somehow?

See the white clips?

Ah nice...

Am I correct in saying it just takes a firm pull to remove the others and the new one simply push clips into place (assuming clips come with the part).

More like inserting something thin, made out of plastic (not a screwdriver) between the seal and the door, then prying the clips out one by one. That way you have some leverage and are less likely to break anything by using excessive force. I'd be surprised if you get new clips.
Yes, that makes sense. Thanks a lot for your advice.

MB Parts advised that they believe the clips are included with the part. If not they will supply them.
Clips are available for cheap on eBay. MB generally charge alot for them.
Plastic trim removal tools are ideal for this type of job and are cheap to buy. Some seals are glued in place as well as clipped.
Locate the clips and pry them out using an appropriate tool, if you use a screwdriver cover its end in cloth so that you do not scratch the paint. Try not to pull the rubber as it may rip.

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