1. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  2. 0

    Replace soft top Windows- Nottingham area

    Suggestions very welcome.Or ideas for improving vision through clouded Perspex
  3. L

    M103 How to replace head Ian B Walker Method

    HI I have removed my M103 head following the method suggested by M B Walker i.e leaving the inlet manifold in the car. But to replace the head I cant see how the inlet manifold could be correctly torqued back without removing more of the inlet manifold like at least the fuel distributor. I have...
  4. S

    W208 - Replace Bottom Door Rubbers

    Hi all, I need to replace the rubber at the bottom of both doors: Part/s 2086900382, 2086900482 It seems like a simple job I could do myself. I was wondering how to remove / replace these. Do they simply pull off / clip or are they fixed somehow? Thanks...
  5. V

    MB Vaneo replace instrument Cluster with tablet

    Dear MBclub members its my first post here. I'm an owner of a 2005 W414 Vaneo that I've had for over 8 years now. Its the most compact 7 seater with sliding doors and I've travelled all over Europe with it. Recently I've started having niggles with the instrument cluster (the perennial...
  6. E

    E class (w211) phone kit replace

    I managed to take out the old phone adaptor which was located in the arm rest. Its for an old nokia 6300 series. Is there anything else i can plug in in its place, somthing to connect to more modern phones may be? or a blue tooth receiver ? Thanks
  7. B

    How to replace A/C compressor on R230 SL

    Hi, The compressor on my SL has started to whine and I have managed to obtain a replacement. My question is, is this a job that I could do myself, or is it one that is best left to my local garage ? I am fairly competent on mechanical things. Bob
  8. V

    2009 CLC Parking Dash Indicator replace

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Noticed today the the left (led?) of the parking distance indicator on the middle dash has gone kaput. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how if possible? I've searched tinterweb high and low and found nothing. It's not a massive problem as the right side...
  9. DirtyDribbla

    Drivers bolster. Reupholster or replace?

    Helooo No one seems to want to touch the big hole in my drivers seat bolster. Anyone is south west recommended to make a repair? I'd take a pic but the car is 200 miles away in storage. Would it be cheaper just to replace, if so any good places to obtain original 124 parts? Noob:bannana:
  10. wobbly

    W166 Sidestep removal and replace with sills

    I have a 2013 ML350 AMG with sidesteps which I think look awful. I want to remove them and replace them with standard sills. What parts would be required to do this, I would imagine this to be quite straightforward.
  11. T

    Replace iPod kit

    Hello and apologies if this has already been asked..I'm new :dk: I have an iPod kit Installed in my glove box of my 2006 a class . I would like to change it to a Jack or sub. Can you tell me if this can be done easily and would I get music out through my stereo ? Or have I got to replace my...
  12. S

    W211 head on collision, what to replace after crash?

    Hello, i'm new here so i hope i'm posting in the correct area. I bought an w211 e200 kompressor late 2004 model, the car was involved in a head on collision, only the front airbag deployed, and the seat belt was discharged. My question is does anyone have knowledge of what exactly do i...
  13. I

    How much labour to replace front emblem on grill

    Hi all, The Mercedes emblem on the grill of my W216 needs to be replaced as it become fogged up or otherwise very scruffy. I am due a service shortly and my local MB garage has the part in stock. They said by phone that they would charge labour of "up to one hour" although "it wouldn't likely...
  14. T

    M111 leaky cam magnet - Repair or Replace (if so where to buy)

    Morning, My W202 C200 with the M111 has a small oil leak from the wiring plug outlet of the cam solenoid magnet. I am a DIY-er at heart (with the backup of a mechanic for a sibling). I have seen a couple of threads with pictures where people have just re-sealed the cam magnet unit (have a...
  15. Shala

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/55r18

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/45r18 Hello there, I'm looking for the best price for a replacement tyre. At the moment they're all Continental Contact 5. They're from Mercedes to I take it they're runflats. I'm in Southampton so looking for the best price...
  16. steve333

    CD player/repair replace

    Hi all,my wife's audio 20 cd won't read discs(tried everything and can't put a cleaner through as that won't play either)question is,can the cd unit be replaced/can an after market CD player be fitted as the rest of the interface is working ok,hands free phone etc
  17. R

    W208 CLK 320 Suspension refresh - what to replace?

    My Clk320 (yr2000) at 100,000 miles is feeling a bit loose at the front end and ride and handling not what they used to be so want to do a refresh - what needs replacing? Shocks - (any OK budget alternatives to Bilstein?) Lower control arm - bushes and ball joint Track rod ends. Steering damper...
  18. D

    W220 Audio 10 Cassette replace with Alpine Double DIN q

    Hello All I am now the proud owner of a 10,000 mile 1999 W220 S320 :) It is in as new condition and the only thing I want to change is the head unit - currently it has an Audio 10 cassette head unit, I want to fit an Alpine W925R double din head unit. Questions: * Does the rear of the Audio 10...
  19. K

    Replace head gasket or new engine?

    Hi all Im new here. I have a CLC 1.8 Kompressor. W203. There was a message saying top up coolant which i kept doing but when i took it to mecahnics he said it was probably an air lock. Turns out that the coolant/water has been leaking into cylinder 3 because the engine management light kept...
  20. O

    Wanting to replace w164 ml standard headunit

    Hello, this my 1st post, I've just purchased a ml 2007. The headunit is standard with just the CD player and things for phone functions. I wanted to change it for something newer that can access my iPhone and also have satnav. Wanted to keep the steering controls also. Has anyone done it...
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