W210 Avantgarde Seat Ache !

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Nov 28, 2004
2000 E320 CDI (SOLD) NOW V70
It may just be my shape , but I am finding that the front seats in my W210 Avantgarde are causing my ribcage to ache. The seat back side supports seem just too narrow for my back. They seemed OK when I bought the car but as I've used it more, I'm finding the seats uncomfortable. A few weeks ago , I spotted an identical car to mine, and the guy had fitted thin cushions to the backrest and seat squab on both front seats. Has anyone found this problem or know where I can buy cushions to fit my seats ?

I'm surprised by this, 210 seats are normally very comfortable.

Maybe you need new pads for the backrest and base. They are available from the dealer.
I assume you have tried changing the lumber support, cusion tilt, etc....
Thanks; unfortunately, the seats do not have adjustable lumbar support , but I have adjusted the rake etc, but with no real improvement. I am a little surprised if the drivers seat cushions and pads have given up after 84 k miles, but I'll try the passenger seat for a while (!) as it will have been used much less.

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