1. C

    W208 electric seat issue

    Back again. Passenger electric seat won't go forwards or backwards. I can hear a solenoid or relay click under the seat but no movement. All advice appreciated before I start ripping into it!
  2. C

    W164 heated seat issue

    Hi my drivers heated seat appears to be only heating my back and not the base. Anyone had similar problem and is there any diy fix ? Cheers CB Just noticed i should of posted this in "interior "
  3. T

    Lost seat Button

    Noticed this is missing and have located a complete switch pack on e-bay as the missing part is not sold separately. Anyone know if I can just replace the cap or is it the door card off and replace the whole unit?
  4. O

    Replacing Seat Belts in W204 Sport Plus

    Just looking for some advice please. Seen a car that I'm keen on buying, but it has the bright red seat belts that I am not really a fan of. Would it be difficult/costly to replace these with normal black seat belts? I only ask because I wasn't sure whether the mechanics of the seat belt...
  5. C

    W204 2013 C Class Seat cushion angle adjustment

    The passenger side wheel adjuster works well but the car I've just bought the drivers seems to be either really tight or stuck/broken? any suggestions only bought it Friday :(
  6. astamir

    free to go grey rear seat covers for clk w208

    Hi guys As the title says I've got a rear seats covers in grey leather in a good condition if anyone interested you can collect them from London
  7. H

    W201 orthopaedic seat switch

    So I've recently bought a 2.6 auto and it from factory had a orthopaedic drivers seat, when I bought it the seat didn't work as one it has a broken switch which I can't find the part number and cannot find it at all on the EPC so would like as much help on this as possible as I want to get this...
  8. B

    W212 Seat material?

    My 2014 W212 E250 petrol AMG trim has seats with ARTICO outer panels, plus a velour type of artificial suede in the seat back and seat squab panels. The previous owner has used a child seat in the rear and it's base has marked the velour material making it different in appearance to the...
  9. wu56Shoozz

    Another Seat Thread..

    Ok, what do you all have between the drivers and passenger chair if you have single seats rather than a bench and single drivers chair.. I have my eye on some nice seats to replace them.. any photos, anyone??:dk:
  10. A

    W201 Memory Seat Module

    W201 Memory seat Module: part number 201 820 06 26. £50 ono posted
  11. S

    W204 seat buckle restraint system malfunctions

    Hi looking for abit of advice. I have a w204 late 2007 c320 cdi sport owned the car for about a year had no issues apart from one which developed about 3-4 months ago. I would be driving the car and all off a sudden i would get the srs light on and a error message saying something along the...
  12. noogieman

    Do eüro w202 have seat belt warning in cluster

    I wonder if 1998 -1999 w202 C43 AMG had seat belt warning illumination in cluster? Seat belt warning is on the bottom left side corner seen in cluster display. I don't know if I have this feature seat belt warning on my car or if my bulb is out? Do any of you have it on your C43 cars...
  13. clk320x

    Child seat with leather seats

    My sisters just got a new MB with leather seats. Before fitting the baby seat for here I thought I'd ask if anyone on here has used an protective foam etc to cushion the leather as it looks as if the leather will get indented/marked due to the pressure of the seat? Cheers Abs
  14. Charles Morgan

    Fitting a seat shock absorber

    My BMW M535i has 4 seat shocks fitted - two for height and two for backrest angle. All are a bit past it, the result being that if you try to adjust backrest angle the seat will simply collapse to horizontal. Not helpful on the move. I bought some replacements, and managed to fit the first...
  15. C

    W204 driver seat clunk

    The driver seat on '63 plate W204 is increasingly making a clunk when the car is subject to sudden movement/force ie sudden braking to a standstill, going over a large bump, sudden acceleration etc. I can seemingly replicate the clunk by flicking the seat-base height (electrice-adjust) button...
  16. PaulXC

    Seat out - battery reconnect?

    OK - I've pulled the drivers seat out of my W211 to replace the cover. Turns out a bit more work is needed as the foam pad needs a bit of sorting. Currently the base is over at the car trim workshop - won't get it back till Friday. Question - I disconnected the battery before I pulled the...
  17. adile220

    1996 C124 passenger seat belt butler issues

    Hi all Needed some advice - the seat belt butler on the passenger side of my E220 coupe abruptly stopped working today. I had the seat back all the way recently, and was wondering if this could be why. Is there a sequence to follow when diagnosing this issue on these cars? Drivers side works...
  18. PaulXC

    W211 Front Seat Removal

    I need to pull the drivers seat out - left hand side as its a LHD car. ( E320Cdi Estate - 2006). I need to replace the seat base cover as the Artico is split - well it actually split about 6 years ago but now it looks horrible. The cover is on order at an eye watering £290 as I just couldn't...
  19. M.A.94

    Wanted w211 n/s/r seat belt buckle

    I need a rear seat belt buckle for w211 the part number is a2118604569 i have attached a picture of what it looks like its the single rear buckle on the near side rear.
  20. P

    W211 Facelift split/fold rear seat squeak help !!!

    I have a 2006 W211 E320 CDi with the spilt fold rear seat option which comes in very handy However... The nearside rear seat has developed a squeak that is driving me crazy, it must be caused by the mechanism as when the seat is pushed back but not clipped into place the squeak disappears...
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