W212 wheels on a 207 coupe?

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    My winter wheels and tyres have been on order for 2 months now and the dealer called me the other week to finally say they had arrived!
    17" 5 twin spokes with Dunlop SP winter sport 3d.
    Great I thought, but now to decide when to have them fitted.....
    I waited a few days and decided to call them today and get the fitted this Saturday as I work away a lot and didn't want to be caught short.

    "Oh there's a problem" says the parts manager....."they've sent the wrong ones"!? :doh:
    It always happens to me, I've had so many problems with this car but thought things were looking up after the last 3 months of great trouble free motoring.

    Things might be better than I thought, he went on to say they sent 18" 5 spoke wheels instead and that he has already set things in motion for me to have these wheels at the same price as the 17"s :bannana: or the 17"s here ASAP (unlikely).
    But, he did say that he thought these were only listed for the w212 saloon so my question is, will these fit?


    The screen shot is of the 17's that were ordered and also 18's for the 207 but these were out of stock at the time. I am hoping that the 18's that have come are the 18's in the picture as this is what I originally wanted :eek: but he seemed to think the 18's that arrived are for a W212?

    He's going to check and send me a pic tomorrow.
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    Yeah they will fit don't worry, my aftermarket ones were for W212 fitment and they went on fine bar needing spacers for the rear calipers but that was more of a design issue of the wheels with there being a bigger lip on the rears. :thumb:
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