W221 s500 dropping to the ground

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Maha I think I may have to take your advice. I'm not even 20 days in to ownership of this S500 and I think it's going to cost me triple what I've spent on my last 3 cars in repairs put together, which were all BMW's. I had a E92 320d, E92 335i (Best sports coupe in the world) & F01 730d. None of them never missed a beat and definitely didn't rattle squeak or creek like my S500 does.

Just yesterday I discovered another problem, amongst the already extremely long and expensive list. Done a motorway trip, was A bit windy yesterday and the noise coming from the panaromic roof was horrendous. It was so loud I couldn't hear my friends talk. Not even the music played loud could drown out the wind noise (which aslo keeps playing up, might be a new app needed). Opened the sunroof and closed it a couple of times. Made it 10x worse. So I thought there's obviously a gap somewhere, where the wind is whistling. Stopped at a service station, managed to get some duct tape and spent 15 minutes taping every joint and gap on the roof on my shiny flagship Mercedes S class (Exactly what I had pictured myself doing when thinking of buying one). Surprisingly didn't make the slightest difference. So I'm absolutely baffled to what is making the noise.

I'm absolutely sick of it. Never has a car made me feel like this.
I am really sorry to hear about all this but I like you thought being the flagship model the s class would be much more reliable then it is. It is a shoddy bit of engineering. Go back to what you know, I did.

With the bloody cost of 1 strut and the front valve i took the whole family to Orlando for Christmas (all in, spending, and car hire). Trust me it aint worth it.

One thing I would add though I think pre 2003 they seem like they were good cars.
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Don't want to start a BMW vs MB war here. But frankly i'm very disappointed by the S class. I covered over 10 to 15,000 miles in each of my BMW's, 07 320d sold at 45,000 miles, 07 335i at 80,000 & 730d at 70,000. They all drove, felt and sounded like new.

335i did have mis-firing issues at 70,000, but that was a cheap fix, replaced fuel pump.
730d felt like my dads range rover to drive (Basically like a tank), never missed a beat.

The S500 rocks side to side (accompanied by the rattles & squeaks) when I go over uneven surface's, maybe thats how the airmatic is supposed to behave. But it doesn't feel composed or give a sense of solidarity, feels as if riding on jelly. Ride is slightly improved when I set the airmatic to sport mode. But nowhere near the solid planted feeling my 730d had, nor does it corner as flat. My 730d felt almost as good to drive as both my E92 coupes.

My S class feels as if it's done half a million miles. Although I will say Engine is brilliant, Pulls so rapidly even from even 100mph and saying all the above. I did obviously realise it's not going to drive like a BMW as the S class is an all out luxury saloon and designed for luxurious comfort, not to handle like a sporty saloon.

But unfortunately all the cons are far out weighing the pros on my S500.
There is an excellent indie in Harrow/Wealdstone which may not be too far from you, Wayne Gates. It could maybe be worth a drive over for good, knowledgeable diagnosis?
Hope it works out ok.
Reigniting this thread after a while. I'm shocked I still own the car really, however am trying to sell it if I can get everything working on it or would you still be interested in a project car Borys, although most of it is working now just a couple of bit's need attention.
I hope someone can help with my new thread:

Front shock probably is gone
Had same with my w221 s320 on the rear - and guess what I had a 60 plate bmw 730d before
300 quid later all was back to normal.....apart of other issues
You can always deal with me :), thinking of selling my S8 v10....I like projects
You still own it wow. I jumped into S class again last year and I found an amazing example. One owner from new, amg kit I'm so pleased with it. It is a petrol of course wouldn't go near diesel again. It has been now more then a year with it - record with me and cars.


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@AMR 777T I feel your pain. I'm a month into ownership of my s320 cdi and I'm already 1k down getting suspension arms changed, wheel bearings changed and getting oil leaks fixed. I wish I had never bought it but now after spending this much I'm thinking might aswell drive it now I've spent so much on it. the term money pit comes to mind.
As I said with w221 never buy a diesel. Most of them are clocked, you really need to be lucky to find a good example. Petrol is the way to go. Mine has lpg system and is much cheaper to run then a diesel. On the top no turbo, injectors, swirl motor, dpf problems. Bare in mind from expieriance suspension start to give problems at above 150K miles. That can give an idication of cars true mileage. Also if you look at the arm rest. Most of high miles example will have that all fluffy, leather all coming off, loose. My car has 115K at the moment and feels solid as it would be new
@smak85 I have exactly the same problem. I've changed the upper A arm, air strut and both lower arms on the front driver side of my car, but still the knocking still persist. I read a thread where Borys mentioned the bearing could be the culprit, so I'm going to give that a once over when the sun comes out again. The oil leak most likely from the oil cooler, it seems to be a common issue on various MB models where the gasket goes on it.

@Borys Is that a 350 or 500? The car seems to be sitting a bit lower than usual on the front. Mine has a similar gap at the rear but the front sits a lot higher.
I'd beg to differ with the suspension problems above 150k, on most forums W221 owners are complaining about issues from around 70K, air struts seems to go around then and the suspension links/arms. From driving other cars in the same class, I wouldn't say the S class is the most solid feeling car. The interior rattles and squeaks, my passenger seat shakes a lot, hence causing the headrest to rattle when I'm driving alone. I would love to drive your S class and see how it feels to drive. Maybe I have a badly abused car or our ideas of solid are just very different.
I think a "good example" just means where someone has come across all the possible problems with their S class, poured in the money to fix it all and then sold it to someone who might get another 60/70k out of it before everything starts going again. I'd say that applies to all car from my experience.
But I don't Know why I'm still considering the W222 S class :confused:
Mine is s350
I lowered her a bit. Used a hunter allignment, while on the ramp we played with ride height usink links. I put her lowest I could to keep within the spec. I managed to get good 20mm without messing up the camber.
I'm surprised you guys mentioning rattling, etc I have none of that.
Story, i test driven w222 65plate with 13K on the clock. Firstly car barely started, while on the move steering wheel was wobbly at 60mph, drivers seat was squashed like a 500kg seat there, rear seat worn, front seats backing were all abused. Lots of squeeks. For me chauffeur driven. I walked away, that was scary.
My mate is a taxi driver, he does 10k miles in a month, based on that imagine what was the true mileage on the w222.
Another friend bought a e220 with 7k on the clock not even a year old. While cleaning inside one weekend he found business cards from taxi airport company....
Also build sheet from factory had 20" wheels, on the car 19's. Why would you change a set after 8 months, needed a new tyres?
For me S class is a benchmark for all other brands. Whatever you see on new s class model - Audi, bmw will do it on next generation. S class cannot rattle, squeek if it does truly something is hidden in its history.
Touch wood I found a decent example. One owner, had it from 2007 and done 100K with full service history at mercedes, he is an owner of a restaurant, far from taxis :).
I got a thing for S clases I guess hi hi hi

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