What paint finish have I got?

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Oct 11, 2013
SLK 250 AMG Sport 125 Ltd Edition
Do modern Mercs. have some sort of lacquer coating?
16 month old car is shiny enough but I sense a little claybaring might remove some minor swirling, then a cleanser (Poorboys did wonders on previous black car) and a wax could improve matters, for I want a really deep wet-look finish.
If lacquered assume this would be time wasted. What's the expert advice?
I believe all paint finishes are lacquered now, but definitely anything metallic has to be.

Any imperfections will be in the lacquer, not the base.
As deiselman said your car will be lacquered but lacquer will go flat just Lyk paint
As said above, yours will be lacquered.

Claying doesn't remove swirls, you need a full machine polish/ paint correction to remove swirls fully. Claying removes contaminanta.

I'd advise you give it a good wash, then clay it, polish (by Hand) using AutoGlym Super Resin Polish, then a good coat of wax- either Collinite, Dodo Juice or Poorboys Natty Paste Wax.

You can do the above fairly cheaply and you will have a deep shine.
If it is a newer Merc then the factory finish is a water based system with a clear coat over the color coat.
The best way to get a mirror like finish is to color sand the clear coat which will remove any trace of the factory "orange peel"
Finish is wet sanded with 1500 - 2000 grit paper and should be done by a professional as additional buffing is required after sanding. ;)

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