1. PenelopePitstop

    New car paint protection in Milton Keynes area.

    My friend is collecting new car and asked me to find him recommended detailer who could do ceramic paint protection. I searched the forum and couldn't see anything in that area. Maybe someone in NW London as we have office there and he could drop the car off while going to work. Do you know...
  2. D

    Black paint

    I'll be the first to admit that I never paid that much attention at school but I'm pretty certain i recall that black absorbs all colours.. Why then does does paint seem to be better at reflections?
  3. B

    Paint for my KR-1

    I am looking for some paint to do a full respray on my C220 but am unsure where to buy paint from online, i am in need of the paint in a rush as i am going on holiday soon and would like to get this project wrapped up asap. I found this company online that sell car paint and was wondering if...
  4. H

    C63 ordered, need some advice (paint)

    So, I posted earlier in the summer about a C63 I was intending on buying and now I've gone ahead and ordered my 2018 C63 in Designo Selenite Grey (Matte). I'm wondering has any experience with the paint can give me any advice on caring for the it as it's the first time I've had to deal with...
  5. RickyBurrows

    Touch Up Paint

    Hi I'm selling touch up paint (waterbased) any colour is possible as long as I have the colour code I'll mix it up and put it in the touch up pot which includes a touch up brush, shipped to anywhere in the UK only £6.99 postage included. Any questions p.m me thanks.
  6. David404

    How had/soft is MB paint

    Hi All At some point I'm going to try some correction to my Obsidian Black 2009 W211 to get rid of all the swirl marks. Polishes/compounds and pads seem to come in various grades in part to account for differences in how hard/soft the paint is. As title what's the opinion on MB paint...
  7. PenelopePitstop

    Should I avoid dealer Diamondbrite free paint protection?

    I ordered new car and noticed that Bodycare Premium was thrown in for free. I checked dealer website (Jardins) and it's Diamondbrite by Jewelultra. When I bought last used car, dealer thrown in Supagard or whatever Mercedes is offering as standard and I doubt it was ever applied because car...
  8. OCD BAL

    Protech Ultima Professional Paint Sealant - Is it worth it?

    Hi Everyone, I've ordered my new GLC43 AMG and am wondering whether or not to go for the paint sealant offered by the dealer at an additional cost of £895. They call it Protech Ultima Polysilazine Has anyone had this ceramic coating applied to their car and if so do you think it's worth it? The...
  9. L

    bumper paint scratch

    Hi All, As im new to the UK ( moved here last year ) i really dont know any bodyshops around London area. I came back to my car and saw that the paint was off on the bumper, needless to say im furious but also cant stand the fact that its "imperfect". Can anyone recommend places to get...
  10. Dizz

    Best polish for a black paint?

    2004 Obsidian black metallic paint, obviously it's not perfect and I would like to make it look it's best. I have never clay-barred anything in my life but I'm open to the idea. I have used AG SRP before and I know it's liked for its filling probities, but it is dusty to use and there must be...
  11. S

    Question about paint colour

    Hi, I've got the 350SL bug. I have seen a few of them in a lovely bluish silver. Anyone know the name of the colour?
  12. T

    Paint Colours

    New member here. I am on the look out for an S class to replace my E class. The car has been excellent but find it's a little short of cabin space and a little hard riding. I was hoping to replace it with a S class (2014 shape onwards) as I feel the ride and space of the car will give me...
  13. W

    Paint Dilemma Help

    Can any one explain the difference in the Mercedes white colours options? I am After buying a C63 Amg but most adverts are very vague, how do I determine defiantly which colour a car is? Most auto trader adverts contain : Polar white Calcite white Pearlescent white Diamond Metallic...
  14. A

    Minor bumper repair- paint/corrosion warranty

    There are as few minor marks on the rear bumper I'd like to have corrected on my car. It's under warranty for another 2 years (paint/corrosion warranty might be a separate one?) so if I want these marks fixed does it need to go to a MB approved workshop so the warranty isn't void?
  15. R

    Mercedes Vito paint code

    Hi there I'm trying to find out the paint code for my Vito. Struggling to upload a picture. I've found the vin plate in passengers door area but I don't know which number relates to the paint code if any. Much easier if I could upload a picture..... I'll work on that!
  16. Sonny Burnett

    Paint and body work suffolk

    Hi Guys, I finally got around 2 getting 2x new wings for my 55, I'm in Ipswich and looking for some one to paint them hopefully someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone make a recommendation. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  17. T

    paint bubbling

    does anyone have the part number for the plastic trim on alongside the front windscreen on both sides. For some reason one of them has some slight bubbling. MB have advised this isnt covered as part of the warranty or paint protection as it isnt part of the body of the vehicle and is a trim...
  18. G

    Any MB paint shops in northeast England, Newcastle ?

    Looking for recommendations for painting an mb r129 in Newcastle area please
  19. fabes

    Alternative paint work repair

    Thought I would share this idea in case anyone finds themselves in the same situation So 17 year daughter, to get more road time whilst learning, bought a £500 Corsa. 52 reg, 51k and 12 months mot. Its in good nick ,so why so cheap....? Well some muppet left it parked under a flight path...
  20. chubbs111

    halfords paint

    just purchased an aerosol from halfords colour 744 brilliant silver (already made up)and its no were near the correct colour,can anyone recomend anywere i can get an aerosol made that should be the correct colour please
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