Which Antenna w220 320cdi

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May 23, 2017
Hi had the car to the Mercedes specialist and the diagnosis is that the antenna is faulty, any ideas hoe to fix it or where to buy a replacement after part.

What is the problem? Which antenna is in question? GPS, Radio, telephone, remote access?
OK - So I am not sure that the W220 uses the same solution as the C215, so...

The GPS antenna in the C215 is located underneath the boot lid which is made of fiber glass. There is a second joint in the CL inside the boot but you need to remove the inner textiles in order to gain access to it. I experienced occational loss of sattellites and later no connection at all.

The GPS antenna is powered by +5V at the center of the coax cable that runs to it.
If you disconnect the connector from the antenna you should be able to measure and check for this voltage. Use a standrad Volt-meter. Do not short circuit the center pin to the outer shell.

Depending upon which type of Comand you have, there is a possibility to enter an "Engineering" mode and from there check for error codes. This is enabled by pressing a number of keys simultaneously for a few seconds. Google and thau shalt find.

In my case, it was as simple as a bad connection. Wiggleing the coax connectors back and forth and the problem was gone.
Hi I will try and give it a go tomorrow or Friday as I'm off for a few days. Anyone know which is the best aftermarket GPS that will give good guidance and will fit to the existing system and maybe just sit on the rear parcel shelf. Sorry if I seem to be coming on too strong but just excited about getting a Mercedes and want to get it right.
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Thanks' Lyserman, I was looking at something like on a site called Badland or Badlands that does Antennas so I will try that.
If you would like, I have one and I can send it to you for the cost of postage.
That way you can at least try it for little cost.

That very kind of you, I'll give you my address and let me know how much the postage is, you can text me your details and I can stick it straight into your bank.

Thanks' again.
Item has been posted.
It was only 98p so just chuck a pound coin in a local charity box for me.

Hi, any luck with this? Did the new antennae do the trick?
Hi Stevie, I disconnected the old antenna and stuck the one that LYSERMAN kindly sent me and away it went.
Thanks for the update, I think for what it costs I will try one of these.

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