1. F

    w203 2008 coupe antenna amplifier

    Guys, After following all the advice and the instructions here I have an issue with the amplifier. How can it be replaced? Does the rear windscreen need to come off or not? Can windscreen replacement people fix it or shall I take it to the garage? Your help is appreciated.
  2. B

    Which Antenna w220 320cdi

    Hi had the car to the Mercedes specialist and the diagnosis is that the antenna is faulty, any ideas hoe to fix it or where to buy a replacement after part. Regards, BILL.
  3. M

    W209 COMAND & 'Shark Fin' antenna

    Dear all, It has been quite a few years since I owned a CLK and I have forgotten what I knew about COMAND. Does a factory fit COMAND facelift W209 have an antenna in the roof fin? i.e. Also, I have noticed a different type of antenna - is the following type for the cabriolet...
  4. B

    Wiring external antenna to wf2830

    Hi, I have a 2012 W639 Vito which has poor radio signal. Was advised that it was generally poor from the in screen antenna and the best solution was to install a roof nounted aerial. I have done this, but now have to attach the power wire from the aerial for amplification somewhere. I think...
  5. Benzowner

    B Class Roof Antenna

    So, with all the problems with the radio, it is now narrowed down to the roof amplified antenna. So I have taken it apart, but still connected to the wiring, and here is the problem. If I replace the antenna, do I have to resolder the wires, or does the roof lining need to be removed to access...
  6. L

    R171 radio antenna

    Having fitted new boot struts and generally tidied up the wife's recently bought low mileage SLK I have continued in my quest to make the car as good as it can possibly be. Next on the agenda was the poor radio reception for some of the less well known stations I like to listen to. I trawled...
  7. L

    Roof antenna for E320 Coupe (C124)

    Hello! I've got a 1993 E320 Coupe and would dearly like to fit a DAB/FM bee-sting antenna to the roof. Without removing the headliner, a bit of a poke with my finger suggests I could either mount it to the rear of the interior light, or - maybe! - just in front of it, which I would prefer. But...
  8. B

    Possible to use existing GPS antenna

    Hi, I'm swapping out the command 2 system in my w209 <2005. Is there an adaptor cable that allows me to use the existing gps antenna? oh and if so can the existing mic cable be used?
  9. brucemillar

    W124 Hirschmann Antenna?

    Folks I have a genuine Hirschmann Antenna for my 124 Wagon. Part # A 638 820 0075 Can I get a replacement mast and chord?
  10. ShinyF1

    W210 GPS Antenna

    The end of my GPS antenna cover has fallen off leaving the core exposed and flapping around. Can the cover be bought separately? Will check with MB but has this happened to anyone on here? It looks a bit sad really and fear the whole antenna thing will be £££ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. D

    W219 Sat Nav Antenna

    Can anyone help with a part number for a sat nav antenna for a CLS please my vin number is WDD2193762A035697 Many Thanks
  12. L

    Radio Antenna w210

    Hello guys. I tried to move the radio antena and I broke it... Can I buy this thing somewhere? Or I must buy all the antenna? Thanks
  13. N

    W208 Telephone Antenna?

    Hi all, This rubberised part basically disintegrated over the weekend. I've spoken to two MB dealers on the phone and one person has quoted it as being the telephone antenna cover and is available for £9. Another has suggested i can't get the rubber part on it's own and i need to get the whole...
  14. T

    Viano w639 antenna and antenna amp

    Hello, I am a noobie here and to mercs. I recently bought my first merc, a 2006 Viano after having BMW for a while. I have a problem - very bad radio reception. The vehicle has a Comand NTG2, with cd changer etc. Does this model use the windscreen as an antenna as I have seen on some...
  15. C

    W202 C180 Electric Antenna

    As title, need full unit if anyone is breaking a car or has a spare stashed. Thanks.;)
  16. K

    No central No locking/unlocking at distance and bad radio reception

    Hi Guys, My first post on here, just trying to get some insight from someone in the know. I have a 2005 C-Class C220 CDI Coupe (W203). Car runs great and its a pleasure to drive (especially over longer distances) but I've had tons of minor issues with it over the last month or two (perhaps...
  17. Z

    Retrofit audio 50 aps antenna problem HELP!

    I have installed audio 50 aps and fakra gps aftermark antenna on my w212 but now i have a problem gps antenna don't find signal. What shoud i do? Link for gps antenna...
  18. SL350_SWINDON

    R230 GSM Antenna

    Hello All, How is the GSM antenna removed from the rear wing???
  19. S

    Aerial / Antenna replacement

    Hi, Someone has snapped off my aerial! I thought it would be easy to replace but most of the universal ones online are screw in. Mine looks like I was wondering if anyone knew if I could change from that to a universal one? I'm just concerned that if I spend £25 on the same thing it will just...
  20. donshl

    TV antenna in the CLS

    Hi all, I've recently had some codes read from Star and one keeps popping up: 9499: There is a short in the line of TV antenna 1 Could anyone tell me what needs replacing/checking to resolve this? Many thanks
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