1. T

    2006 clk 320cdi how can I tell if I have fibre optics?

    Hi, Is there an easy way of telling if my car has fibre optics? I have read such things as if you have navigation (which I do) Then yes I have it. Also such things as unless there's a sub woofer in the back seats then I dont.( which I don't) I don't know where to look in the boot of the...
  2. K

    S Class w221 320cdi 2006 possible Turbo Actuator Issue

    Hi, I wonder whether anyone has had any issues with a failing turbo actuator. The symptoms of my car are:- Smoke bellowing out exhaust on heavy excel-oration Slight engine judder when warm Notibly runs better when cold Feeling like the car handbreak is slightly on ie car feeling held back...
  3. M

    2006 CLS 320CDI diesel fuel filter

    Hi all, I have just looked online to buy a diesel fuel filter for my 2006 CLS 320CDI and found there are two available. One with a water sensor coupling and one without. As I don't have the car with me today, I am wondering which one my car has - or could have? Could I buy the one...
  4. O

    Command don't work CLS 320cdi 2005

    Hey guys, my command has stopped working properly, doesn't work sat nav and CD button is blank (see pic) i was trying to locate the fuse but can't seem to work out witch one is it for a command. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. E

    Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your thoughts, please. My 126K ML undergoes quite a pronounced judder when gently accelerating/decelerating between about 20 - 60 mph. The tracking and alignment have been checked and all ok, as has the suspension and shocks. My local dealer suggests the problem is...
  6. P

    RHD/LHD front light conversion 2009 ML 320CDI Sport

    Hi I'm in Spain at the moment and am likely to be here for a while. I am obliged to register the car after 6 months. This means I need to change the direction of my front lights to pass their ITV. What is the best way of going about that? Thanks Pum
  7. 6

    CSL 320CDI AMG edition

    Just bought a 2009 CSL 320CDI AMG edition in designo platinum black. Has airmatic, designo interior, memery cooled seats, comand, sunroof, Harman Kardon. This is my 3rd 6 cylinder Mercedes. First was a E240 that oxidised in front of my eyes, interior was a nice place to be in. Second was a...
  8. D

    Mercedes CLS 320cdi 2006 vibrating help?

    Hi Guys, new to the forum and a new Mercedes owner I have recently picked up a 2006 CLS 320cdi. It has now incurred a problem on start up and at low speeds. The car shakes violently which feels like its coming from the front left hand side then through the gearbox. Also to add yesterday...
  9. 6

    CLS 320CDI alternative wheels

    I am about to pull the trigger on a 2008 CLS 320 CDI. It comes with the AMG 19" wheels, which are reputed to be made from cheese and will crack or bend at a mere sniff of a sharp ridge, let alone a UK pothole. I hear that 18" wheels are a good compromise. The car has airmatic. I have...
  10. E

    W164 2006 (55 plate) 320CDI wing mirror swap to 2010 version

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help. I've just acquired my ML and would like to update the wing mirrors to the bigger 2010 version. Does anybody know what part numbers I would need, please? I'll probably need to get them from a dealer as they seem to be pretty rare on eBay. This is all, of...
  11. Richard1973

    Inlet manifold replacement W210 320cdi

    Hi, finally getting round to sorting the EGR fault. Ordered a complete second hand manifold with EGR, cooler and swirl flap motor. Going to clean this up ready to fit. Does the inlet use a gasket? Someone has told me it is reusable? Also going to do the fuel lines while I'm at it. Anyone...
  12. Smart320

    ML 320cdi Shudder when stopping engine

    Just acquired a 2007 ML 320cdi, with 42 k mileage and FMBSH. When turning the engine off about 50% of the time I get what feels like a ' Shudder ' , not like my E 320 cdi which just stopped without any vibration. Wondering if it is a bad engine mount. Also after using kick...
  13. B

    solar glass w220 320cdi

    Hi all I have obtained an after market gps receiver and have been told that it will not work through solar glass, how do I tell if my rear screen is solar glass? Thanks' for any help, Bill.
  14. B

    Moulded plastic mats, S Class 320cdi

    Hello all, anyone know the best place to purchase the hard moulded shaped plastic mats for the foot wells. I have a W220 320i cdi 2004. Thanks' Bill.
  15. B

    Which Antenna w220 320cdi

    Hi had the car to the Mercedes specialist and the diagnosis is that the antenna is faulty, any ideas hoe to fix it or where to buy a replacement after part. Regards, BILL.
  16. B

    Up-dating Sat Nav. S Class 320cdi.

    Hi my sat Nav is all over the place, Mercedes said it needed to go on the computer in the workshop for about 3 hours and would cost around £100+vat. There is a Navigation disc in the boot be side the CD changer magazine, and ideas? I thought I could just up-date the disc;I have seen some...
  17. jdrrco

    "Fully loaded" CLS 320CDI

    After just a year, it looks like the CLS has to go. :( Magnificent car, but we have just moved house, don't need 2 cars any more and my wife finds it too big for her. Details from VIN check thingy: - OBSIDIAN BLACK - PARKTRONIC SYSTEM (PTS) - FRONT SEAT LH ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE WITH MEMORY -...
  18. wu56Shoozz

    2006 W203 320CDi Rear subframe

    Hi all, I just got mine back from the MOT today and it would appear that my car has been in a minor altercation at some point in its life. It has been rather poorly welded and in overall poor condition, so it is my intention to replace it, but I need to know.. Can somebody advise me on...
  19. S

    W220 320CDi CEL and other issues!

    Ok, so my engine starting showing a CEL with accompanying "Oil sensor faulty" light once driven, switched off and restarted; it would then only idle until about 20 mins later when it would then respond to the pedal - this has got progressively work and happens everytime the car is driven, no...
  20. Richard1973

    S210 320cdi no EML light

    As above, the light does not illuminate when you turn on the ignition neither does the seat belt warning. I have had the cluster out and replaced the bulbs but still nothing. Any suggestions or common faults? Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
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