X reg A140 Diagnostics protocol


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Apr 8, 2014
A140 Classic X reg
Dear user,
this is the first time i post something on this site, although i always find interesting information in here. I recently bought an X reg A140 classic with a few issues.
first issue, dead stater, this was resolved by removing the air box, iar mass flow sensor assembly & inlet manifold to gain JUST enough room to remove the starter, it appears that the issue is endemic, as it is placed where water will pool and eventually ruin the unit, either way, this was dully replaced. the next issue i have encountered in the ABS light on. in order to diagnose what sensor is at fault, i probably wrongly purchased a OBDII reader. the unit is connected to the PC to run the software, in the first instance, the laptop & software is connected to the code reader, although when trying to read the codes from the car, it says that is not connected, after much searching, i came across the fact the the vehicle is post 2001 when the OBDII/EOBDII became the norm in europe. the question i have is how to tell what is the protocol on my vehicle, as the vehicle female connector matches the male connector, although not verified the pins on the vehicle end. the unit i have bought is a ELN327 and supports multiple protocols. maybe there is a sequence i need to go through in order to connect both the vehicle and reader.
any help greatly appreciated.

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