1. M

    Roll Bar box wanted 124 Cabrio

    After a water ingress problem with my original 124 cabriolet roll bar box I am looking for a working second hand unit Part 820 5826. I managed to get a 2nd hand one but it was "spiked" during a jump-start and it has not functioned properly since. Hence I need another. Grateful for any leads.
  2. S

    124 TE Manual Drive Shaft

    Hey folks, Looking for the front half of the drive shaft from a manual wagon/estate/touring/TE etc. I've got a 16v box in my S124 but need the drive shaft. Also after the clutch lines for RHD car. (master cylinder to trans tunnel, tunnel to slave cylinder etc) Cheers
  3. C

    1993 320CE (124 Cabriolet) For Sale

    This is a rare and impressive car, in a really smart and distinctive colour combination of Almandine metallic with cream leather interior. It has a comprehensive history of routine and preventative maintenance, with past restoration work and all the common problem areas addressed. Mileage is...
  4. C

    124 Cabriolet - who can fix?

    My 1995 cabriolet roof was working perfectly. Then (is this relevant?) I took it for some underfloor rust treatment, including welding and under sealing. On the way home, I found that the roof action gets interrupted. For ease of discussion, the normal stages are: 1. Release catches...
  5. jeremy156

    1995 E320 Coupe 124, Southampton, £3500

    Selling my "fun car" as I no longer have space for two cars. At 126k miles, this car is in pretty good shape, a pleasure to commute in and take out for fun drives, but not as quiet and relaxing as a modern car for motorway cruising. Some vibrations at speed, wind noise, etc. All stuff I'd...
  6. brucemillar

    124 Pre-Facelift Bottom Door Trim/Strip

    Folks Does anybody know how to re-fit the plastic bottom door strip on a w124? To get it off, I undid the Torx Screw at the trailing edge of the door then pushed it upwards towards the window and it popped off. ALl good and all the clips are still in one piece. I am struggling to figure, how...
  7. M

    Mercedes 124 208 202 designo steering wheel

    Mercedes 208 124 202 210 designo wood and leather steering wheel to small cracks marks look at photos offers please
  8. R

    A 124 / W124 Autodrop windows on Cabriolet

    Hi all, I am considering acquiring a 320 Cabriolet in need of a some work. I have searched for info on this site and google but am not familiar with the cabriolet. When I went to view it apart from needing a new cabriolet the windows did not drop when I opened the door ( I am assuming they...
  9. M

    Bonnet jammed shut W(C) 124 230CE

    I recently pulled the bonnet release latch inside me C124, it responded with a 'twang!' and now the release isn't engaging with any cable. I'm guessing the cable is snapped or has become disengaged in some way.... Essentially the bonnet is now stuck shut. I'd like to get the bonnet open (since...
  10. C

    124 coupe/cabriolet - adjusting door windows

    The glass in both my doors comes too high: if I close the windows, then lower them slightly, all is fine. They seem correct in "tilt" and in how far out from the door seals they are. The top and rear edges are nicely parallel with their respective rubber seals. I've read up what I can...
  11. roman82

    124 headlight glas 1992 prefacelit( drive side)

    Looking to buy for 1992 pre facelift model Bosch brand headlight or glas only. Have to be excellent condition only. Can buy or can swap for genuine wing in good condition.
  12. Makdissy

    Mercedes cabrio 124 owners manual wanted

    Hi guys Ive had my cabrio for 3 years now and still looking for the owners manual book for preface model (( UK VERSION )) If you have a spare one for sale or know someone who has please let me know Many thanks in advance Peter.
  13. roman82

    Best shock absorbers? For 124 ce sport suspension

    I want ask if any one knows parts number for front shock absorbers? Looking to buy only bilstein b6,b8???????I got sport factory suspension 124 ce 1992 SPORTLINE. Rear I got self levelling. So need just front ones.)
  14. C

    Later 124 series - what kind of bonnet badge is correct?

    I have a 1995 (built late 1994) E220 Cabriolet - a "second facelift" A124. On Christmas Day I managed to chamois the bonnet and catch my coat sleeve on the "gunsight" type Mercedes-Benz star badge, and break it off. Got a fake version for £11.49 on eBay. The parts visible above the bonnet...
  15. C

    124 series - switch next to cigar lighter

    The cigar lighter is inside the front ashtray on my 1995 124-series cabriolet. Right underneath it is a "slider" - see pic. It's not mentioned in the handbook, so what does this do, please? The socket comes live only with the ignition switch into the accessory or drive positions ... and the...
  16. Deadly Dave

    Easy DRLs for a 124 Merc

    It really is this easy ! I fitted a 10amp diode between fuses 6 and 8. Note the direction. Now when the ignition is on the front and rear sidelights come on and the headlights come on dim dip. The dashboard lights and number plate lights do not come on. The only downside is that the lights are...
  17. Braincrank

    124 ignition leads cover wanted

    Hello , I'm after a ignition leads cover for my 124.
  18. Londonscottish

    Drove a lovely 124 today

    Mate of mine just bought this. 196k but tons of history, good colour, estate, leccie windows, mirrors & sunroof, great colour and a 6 pot motor. Tight as a nut.
  19. d w124

    Some pictures of the 124 meet last sunday

    Hope you like the :)
  20. brucemillar

    124 Wagon Reversing Lights not working?

    Folks Mrs M spotted that both my reversing lights are not working. Bulbs are good. I suspect that the switch is not connected as the gearbox has just been refitted after a restoration. Do we know where the switch is located please?
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