1. M

    230 e breking 1989 in white

    breaking a 230 e 4 door in white let me know what you need cheap parts
  2. P

    1989 R129 500SL Alarm problem

    Hello All, My original factory alarm is going off randomly, mainly in the small hours of the morning which is not ideal. It can be locked on infra red with the single button fob or manually with the key. Either way arms the alarm so the only way to stop the alarm going off is to leave it...
  3. jaytailor

    My first MB - W124 1989 300CE

    Hi Guys, I have bought my first MB and one I have always wanted! W124, 1989, 300CE, 226,000k, Red! Not running at the moment, so any helpful hints on fix the issues below will be helpful. Rear O/S window not working Water leak into boot (can't find the leak) Plus any other sound...
  4. gunning

    1989 230te 1 owner fmbsh!

    Guys this is up for sale and it's honestly a beauty! 1989 with original Cornish reg 1 Lady owner from new Garaged from new so no rust at all Clean underneath as it is on top. Electric seats Unmarked interior 116,000 miles with full MB service history. Carpets are like new! I've got a...
  5. 1

    W124 Duovalve - 1989 300E

    Hi, Looking for a hand with the duovalve and associated blower controls. It's a non-AC car. The air blows hotter than hell in any position other than the very top at the 'MIN'/blue position. I mean when you rotate the roller until it clicks in the highest position at blue, which seems to lock...
  6. A

    1989 mercedes w124

    Hi Owned my W124 for 3 months now . the best car I have had the pleasure of drivng Does anyone know of a spare parts place in Essex ?
  7. SG1

    1989 Mercedes 420SEL V126

    As above, I have a 1989 Mercedes 420SEL. The car has no tax or MOT as it hasn't been used for a while but everything works fine, it just has the usual rust on the arches and bumpers. It's probably good to break for spares or as a donor car or as a project. PM me if interested and I will...
  8. R

    1989 500 v8 sl

    Just aquirred this big boy not been run for 10yrs. changed injectors and checked all obvious, but only firing on 5 cylinders, any suggestions? car is in Spain so not easy.
  9. D

    New guy with 1989 R107 saying Hi

    Hi Guys i have a 300sl 1989 and am after a little advice on testing the idle control valve as it wont idle when cold and in fact runs better with the thing unplugged!:dk:? Any advice would be very much appreciated Don
  10. D

    1989 r107 300sl Starts but wont idle.

    Hello Mercedes enthusiasts i hope this finds you well. My 1989 300sl has developed a bewildering display of non/poor running symptoms and having spent the last few days learning/studying all about the ke jetronic system im well informed but still slightly confused as to the exact fault so...
  11. 24karrat

    560 sel 1989 distributer

    Hi does any one know where i can source a distributer & rotor? MB charging £170 distributer cap MB rotor £40 Am i getting my pants pulled or can this be brought in the UK cheaper? Kind Regards, Manny
  12. 24karrat

    560 SEL 1989 oil pressure dropping issue

    So i got round to M.O.T & taxing my 560 SEL 1989, 2nd time i started it up the oil pressure went to 2 then dropped to 1.5 then goes up to 2 when my foots down then go back to 1.5 then occasionally goes to 3, any ideas what may be causing it? FYI- to pass MOT it only needed ball joint dust...
  13. B

    Chrome strips hard top R107 sl 500 1989

    I am looking for the N/s and O/s chrome strips on the hard top for my car.the part no.MA1076981184/69812.please call+447718525526 if you can help
  14. mercmush

    1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP

    One for the very brave ? 1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP !!! | eBay
  15. Mike Walker

    For sale - 1989 W201 Mercedes 190 2.0 Litre Manual Gearbox

    Sybil” – a number plate thing - was prepared for our daughter’s wedding in August, but has now become surplus to family requirements following the recent purchase of a Mercedes SLK. Details are as follows:- Mileage: 116054 Codes 147 - Arctic White 068A - Grey cloth interior 238 –...
  16. R

    Need Fuel Pump for 1989 W126 500SEC

    1) Does car have 2 fuel pumps? 2) Is this brand at £65 OK? Mercedes 500SEC Fuel Pump replaces 0580254910 Thanks!
  17. R

    Tyre Size for 1989 500SEC? Which brand?

    What is the standard tyre size? Can anyone recommend a brand that suits the car well? Thanks Piers
  18. R

    1989 500 SEC fuelling issue?

    I have just bought an '89 500SEC. It has done very few miles over last 5 or 6 years and may have old fuel. If you floor it it accelerates perfectly well. But if you lightly accelerate it misses/wavers around etc. I'm hoping a tank of fresh fuel and a bottle of injector cleaner will sort...
  19. B

    1989 r107 sl500

    can anyone help find chrome nearside and offside strips for the detachable hard top
  20. M

    1989 W124 Twin Turbo Manual

    So my car is now up for sale , For sale is my treasured 1989 Mosselman twin turbo Mercedes, a very rare one off car that was modified when brand new by the company Director of Unwin Engineering. This was his personal car for...
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