1. P

    Air leak on 1989 300se .

    Hi, I wonder if some-one might be online who would know what is going on under my 300se. It is an '89 300se and when I parked it this evening and got out, with the engine still running, I could hear what seems to be an air leak somewhere around the rear axle on the drivers [left hand side...
  2. C

    mercedes 308 1989 bonnet

    Not long purchased an auto trail comanche motorhome has the mercedes 308d chassis cab 1989 its in excellent condition for its age with only 92000 miles on it full service history ,drives superbly has a small amount of rust on it the usual places but worst bit is the bonnet its been filled...
  3. Nero

    1989 500sec AMG Widebody for sale

    Somewhat reluctantly for sale is my 1989 500sec AMG widebody. I purchased the car in early February last year and have since spent a small fortune (£5,490), in addition to the work listed I have also swapped out both of the burr walnut panels that had milked with age & replaced these with...
  4. ss201

    1989 W126 260SE 5-speed manual One owner from new

    1989 W126 2.6 litre 5-speed manual. One owner from new. Very rare car. For sale due to bereavement. Ordered and collected from Germany in 1989 by Lancashire textile engineering company owner and long-established Mercedes-Benz Club member, Ron Nisbett. Ron treated this car like a baby...
  5. G

    W124 200E 1989 E Class engine cold starting problem.

    Hello guys, I have come to a "conclusion" to that problem. My old W124, now a very good friend of mine has it, will not start in cold weather. As mentioned to an old post on here thought it was the HT leads or Distributor cap... etc? A reminder of the problem is that it will turn but not fire...
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 ce coupe 1989 auto black same owner from 1990 non starter

  7. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 300SE LOW KMS 1989

    Isn't this just crying out for a couple of turbo's. Love the interior... Mercedes-Benz 300 300SE LOW KMS 1989 | Trade Me
  8. M

    1989 500 SEL bumpers

    Welcome all and hope that you will be able to help me. I bought a 1989 500 SEL (just under 600 pounds) as a project to restore it and I first thing i need to change are the bumpers or maybe not the whole bumper but just the chrome parts if possible... Any idea where can I find these and how much...
  9. Mike Walker

    Sybil - 1989 190E

    We bought Sybil from a forum member 2 years ago for our daughter, who had just returned from South America and needed a car at short notice. A change in car arrangements and me becoming a commuter means I am now Sybil's - number plate ends in SYB - owner. Daughter /Partner are planning to get...
  10. B

    1989 W124 300E 82K 21 MB stamps!

    Not what some might consider the 'best' colour (although I quite like it) but this looks lovely and at a very reasonable price. Mercedes 300E (1989) 82000 MILES, 21 MERCEDES SERVICE STAMPS | eBay
  11. 350_Coupe

    1989 Mercedes-Benz Coupe 3588cc GENUINE BRABUS 3.6 MANUAL

    1989 Mercedes-Benz Coupe 3588cc GENUINE BRABUS 3.6 MANUAL | eBay Cat d repair, looks good from the pictures
  12. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SE GENUINE 40KMS !! 1989

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SE GENUINE 40KMS !! 1989 | Trade Me
  13. 300CE

    1989 mercedes 500 se auto blue

    Doesn't look too bad for the money: 1989 MERCEDES 500 SE AUTO BLUE | eBay
  14. 300CE

    1989 Mercedes Benz 300CE

    Looks like a nice old girl for the money - nice colour combo, heated seats, wheels refurbed and front wings replaced: 1989 Mercedes Benz 300CE | eBay
  15. 300CE

    1989 Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 3000 4dr Saloon

    Alright alright, i know it's not a Merc and it's not on eBay, but you don't see many around nowadays - seller says only 19 left on the road: 1989 Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 3000 4dr Saloon
  16. 300CE

    Mercedes E300 4MATIC Saloon 1989 ~ 58000 miles Taxed and MOT

    Mercedes E300 4MATIC Saloon 1989 ~ 58000 miles Taxed and MOT | eBay

    300ce 12V Full AMG styling (1989)

    Advert seems to focus on only the bad points. Gearbox sounds like a potential problem and part of the front bumper seems missing. Mercedes-Benz : 300ce 12V Full AMG styling
  18. 300CE

    1989 MERCEDES 300 SE AUTO SILVER G REG Spares/Repair - Great Description!!

  19. G

    190E 2.5-16v 1989

    Hi all. I really hope someone can help. I having seriouls issues with my w201 190E 2.5-16v evo 1. The motor was rebuilt about 1000kms ago and then developed a miss fire. It then went back in to the mechanic who stripped the motor once again and accidently broke the cam shaft when putting it...
  20. 300CE

    1989 Mercedes W124 300CE LPG (unusual interior colour)

    1989 Mercedes W124 300CE Auto With LPG Conversion | eBay
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