1. poormansporsche

    Anyone got the 1996 AMG Brochure ??? S202 Rear Bumper ????

    got to be the 1996 one. Basically I did not think that there was a prefacelift AMG Kit for the S202 until I saw one on a car !!! . If it does actually exsist it can only have been a limited time only option available in 1996. The rear bumper on the car I saw did not look like a knocked up in my...
  2. L

    fuel leak 1996 320 s class petrol

    hi everyone I have a problem that fuel leaks from the tank just in front of back wheels , after 5 mins it stops can any one help please. i love this car and am prepared to put up with the weird alarm routine but i dont want to blow up thank you laurence
  3. Johnmichaelgawl

    1996 R129 SL320 with 722.5 autobox PROBLEMS!!!!

    Don't know wether or not this is the right place to post this or not but here goes! Cruising up to a set of traffic lights just as they were about to change so I flicked it in to sport, hit the kick down and sheared the half shaft in 2!!! Car lay for around 2 months until I was able to...
  4. U

    C36 amg 1996

    After months of think my C36AMG is for sale Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG 1996 | eBay
  5. B

    1996 s500 coupe

    Hi not sure where to post this as it seams there's no topic for it I am looking to sell my s500 coupe but before I sellit I have a problem that needs sorting its the windows they have just started to go up and stop half way I have force the windows up I have no idea what the problem is can...
  6. general patten

    HELP-1996 e220 coupe

    Where can I buy a new rear window screen for my MERC,as my is going milky around the edges.
  7. M

    1996 W124 Estate

    Hi, My car currently has standard MB 8 hole 16" wheels but I have finally got round to having my AMG Monoblock wheels (17x7.5) refurbished but what I want to know is; 1. Do I need new wheel bolts 2. Any recommendation for tyre valve stainless steel/aluminium etc Regards Amer
  8. general patten

    HELP! Dash lights.e220 coupe 1996

    Can anyone tell me why my dash lights ain't working.I av checked the fuses and all seem ok.but when I turn headlights on,instrument cluster ain't lighting up.
  9. adile220

    1996 w124 coupe Fuel Pump

    Hi all, Im looking for a fuel pump for my 1996 e220 coupe. Please email me at m.adilismail@gmail.com if you have one for sale. I am located in South London. Best, adil
  10. johnkyte

    THermostat on 1996 c250td

    Hello Years ago the thermostat was always in or near the top hose,,now many are in or near the bottom hose---can you tell me why//??? Anyway the stat on my car was stuck in open position so engine and heater was running very cold For a qwick temporary fix I put an inline stat in top hose...
  11. A

    1996 (P) C180 Classic Auto advice

    Hi all I'm going to see one of these today and I was wondering if any advice could be given re longevity of engine, gearbox etc. It has 150000 on the clock and is in good all around condition with mot till Feb 2014 and tax till June. The dealer wants 595 no offers.... I'm only looking at it as a...
  12. U

    1996 (P) Mercedes Benz E36 AMG Saloon Automatic

    This seem to be a very nice car and great value ? 1996 (P) Mercedes Benz E36 AMG Saloon Automatic | eBay
  13. biturbo

    1996 front clear indicator lens

    Looking for OEM Front indicator lens clear. NEW. looks like europarts do it on ebAY Off Side Front Indicator Lens - Mercedes SL (R129) 1995- | eBay but not sure it is OEM or aftermarket and also only seem to have part number for one side. Anyone got the part numbers, thanks in advance.
  14. adile220

    1996 W124 coupe fuelling issues

    Hi All, Could really use some help in finding out whats wrong with my coupe. Another day in my daily driven e220 coupe - left it running with a friend inside for about 20 minutes, came back to find the fuel pump is noisier than usual. Thought i'd keep an eye on it and drive on - no issues for...
  15. 300CE

    1996 mercedes e36 auto silver - £1495.00

  16. L

    1996 c230 kompressor problem

    Hi. I have a 1996 mod c230 supercharger. The problem is that i have no boost from the supercharger. The clutch does'nt engage, and the air flap doesnt close. The air flap in new, and i connected 12v to the supercharger clutch and it engaged. I measured the contact to the clutch and bouth...
  17. A

    mercedes e300 diesel 124 1996

    :mad:HI everybody, MY name is DENNiS, I have a problem with my e300 diesel it will not stop when i switch off i have to take off the intake manifold and choke it with a bit of cardboard to stop the engine. any suggestions regards DENN
  18. K

    1996 W124 e200 Estate Seven Seater

    I'm selling my e200, it used pretty much everyday but I just don't need an estate car. I baught it a few years ago for carrying alsorts when I was rebuilding my GTI and another car these are done now and I can't keep another car. It's maintained regardless of cost and it's a nice good old car...
  19. adile220

    1996 W124 Coupe Rear Bumper Moulding

    After a rear bumper moulding for my w124 coupe e220. Please email on m.adilismail@gmail.com if you have one available. Based in South London. Regards. adil
  20. ShinyF1

    R129 sl320 1996

    Odd car - a 1996, but with final facelift mirrors and sports bodykit 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL 320 AMG WHEELS | eBay
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