1. esprit200

    1996 Mercedes E55 AMG 5.5 V8.

    1996 Mercedes E55 AMG 5.5 V8. A full album of photographs https://goo.gl/photos/RKoQuCEJkLknxZyY7 £2500 164,000 miles with good history, many receipts, and previous MOT certificates (please see pictures). MOT passed last week (expires 13th Jan 2017). HPI clear and log book...
  2. V

    WANTED - Heated electric driver's mirror for 1996 w124 coupe

    I desperately need one of these, including glass, for my 1996 UK car - mine was smashed off while the car was parked. I have the painted mirror cover and the inch wide centre trim that goes round the circumference of the mirror so don't necessarily need those bits. Mine has the wiring passing...
  3. R129mine

    r129 1996 - blinker units

    hi both my blinker units needed replacing so went to MB in Milton Keynes and i provided them with the part numbers and they told me the units are no longer available from MB. the part numbers from the existing parts are 1298261043 1298260943 luckily i still had a bosch part (the...
  4. T

    Merc 1996 immobiliser fault, no fuel to pump

    Hi I have a 1996 E300 Diesel Automatic, the immobiliser seems to be in trouble, I've the disc batteries and the fob isn't transmitting when viewed through a digital camera. Sadly the car isn't worth the expense of a new key in the hope it'll make things better again although it would be a great...
  5. M

    300d 1996 cranks won't start :-/

    Hello Peeps Maybe this won't be a mystery to you bright sparks... but... my 96 300D was getting a bit grumpy upon start up. Upon advice I asked my local mechanic to fit new glow plugs while I was away on holiday. This he did. However the car cranks but simply will not start. It won't even try...
  6. kingdave

    1996 124 E280 Estate 7-seater

    With heavy heart I am selling my 124. I've moved on to a 211 at the request of my family who want something with a more modern feel. I might regret this! There is an ad here with more details: 1996 Mercedes-Benz E280 Estate 7-Seater For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C671461] The car...
  7. spock500

    1996 S124 unfinished project

    Hi folks, Just reaching out to see if there is much interest on part finished S124 diesel. Please PM or call for full details but main points below - open to offers. 1996 S124 300D, 127k documented miles - currently SORN Work done. Refurbished head, skimmed, new seats, glow plugs...
  8. E

    1996 R129 SL 500 - to buy or not?

    I'm now Really REALLY tempted to buy an R129 SL500 (the bug has bitten - see my other recent threads...). I've been offered a 1996 SL500 - black, grey leather, decent condition all round, everything but the aircon works, 140K miles, full history (mainly at indies) - for £4400. My only...
  9. richard300

    M104 Misfire (1996 Mercedes S280)

    I always felt my car had a slight misfire (barely detectable, to the point that i thought i was imagining it) Today though, after a 15mile motorway journey i pulled to a stop, the revs dropped and the car has had a very notable missfire since. I changed the plugs 3 months ago, so (currently i...
  10. V

    Owner's manual/handbook for 1996 w124 e220 coupe

    Hi all. After a few years away from Mercs I've just bought a nice Jan 1996 W124 E220 coupe (only 52K!) It came without a manual/handbook - how can owners lose these? The car is quite highly specced - electric seats (driver with memory settings), infra-red central locking plus everything else...
  11. J

    1996 w140 s500 no spark

    Hi, Ten months ago my s500 went into Limp Home mode. Since then I have had MB diagnose the faults twice with no result, I have replaced the throttle body twice,the second unit having been rebuilt,and I have replaced the Crankshaft position sensor. At each stage the car starts and runs for a few...
  12. E

    R129 SL500 1996 - 85,000 miles. £6950

    I have decided to sell my R129 SL500 first registered in Guernsey in June 1996 and on the UK mainland in March 1998. It's metallic Emerald Black, with 85000 miles. Excellent Condition. With original factory hard top (plus stand and cover), wind deflector and 8 hole alloy wheels. Two previous...
  13. D

    1996 vito bad engine sound

    Hei guys! Just got a 1996 vito 2.3 l diesel from my old man. It had been sitting in hes garage for a while now, because one day hea was driving home and suddenly the engine started making an awful noise and instant lack of power. He told me that hea had checked the injectors and the fuel lines...
  14. D

    E320 Cabriolet 1996

    I have had this car from new and never had a problem starting or running it until a couple of weeks ago when I went about 200 yards and the car stopped and would not start. Thought it was the fuel pump but that is working, power going to it, replaced the relay and confirmed power to ports 30 and...
  15. B

    C250 Elegance 1996

    Hi everyone Im not new but just haven't been on for a while. I want say that my old Merc is now dead. Some of the panels are dented but lots of things are available. Or any sensible offeres for whole car accepted.. C250 Elegance Burgandy 5cyl diesel Thanks Bill
  16. tommyboy40

    Ruby Red 1996 W124 220CE

    Hi All, let me introduce one of my W124's. A 1 owner car with 130,000 miles and a full history. I only bought it in September, mechanically sound but cosmetically poor. It's had: New rear screen and seals All new window seals New boot Trim Boot Seal Wing 1000 other stupid bits I Don't use...
  17. D

    tidy 1996 s320 100k miles with mot sold as seen spares or repairs

    1996 Mercedes Benz S320 W140 | eBay
  18. N

    w140 1996 S class wing mirror

    Hi, Wondering if someone could help answer, I've ordered new wing mirrors 7pin. The supplier has told me they are out of stock of the 7pin for the driver side. I am wondering if i can use the 5 or 9 pin version Thanks
  19. smurgewurfler

    1996 R129 320SL - non start

    This is sorted I hope but I thought it worth telling the tale in case anyone has a similar experience. My SL is garaged and usually gets a run every month or so throughout the year, weather permitting. The battery has always survived this without the need of a battery conditioner. A recent gap...
  20. S

    Wanted 1996 C36 engine ECU

    As above. May need ECU kit? as in immobiliser unit key and halo If you have the above in good working order please email me on btconnect.com@hotmail.com
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