1. shaze30

    Just bought a sl500 1996

    Guys just bought a 1996 SL500 Below are some details about it- 1996 sl500 Silver Red and black leather (2 tone) Has silver arrow badges on wings Needs front bumper Needs bodywork Needs fuel pump Has been sitting on a ramp for several years I had a quick look around it today...
  2. tommyboy40

    1996 W124 coupe Infra red issues

    Hi all, I'm having some issues with one of the w124's. It locks perfectly with the button, red light flashes as it should. It doesn't however unlock, the light goes green but it makes no effort to unlock, no pump running. Any ideas? Cheers in advance
  3. 356b

    1996 E220 Coupe Water in boot

    Hi all, I'm a new member, so apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere in the forums. My issue is that the boot and both boot side-wells of my 1996 E220 Coupe are consistently collecting water and creating the most appalling damp smell. I wouldn't dare put anything of any...
  4. P

    W1124 220E 1996 Cabriolet Not Starting

    My car would not start last week. I had done a 100 mile journey the previous day with no trouble. My local garage ( who serviced the car) cannot get it working. They have replaced various sensors, checked the fuel pump, ignition etc. They have had it running, switched off, could not restart...
  5. adile220

    1996 w124 coupe colour

    Hi all, Having trouble understanding what the original colour of my car is. Here it is Any suggestions? Are the panels a different colour to the body? Many thanks Adil
  6. E

    1996 W210 E36 MOT Failure

    Not ebay but Retrorides. Looks like tin worm has got the better of it but might be a good parts source for someone, even if just engine & box. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/168980/1996-mercedes-e36-saloon-southampton
  7. WDB124066

    Cruise/Idling Control Unit Location on a 1996 A124

    I'm trying to locate the Cruise/Idling Control Unit, A 124 545 52 32, on a 1996 E320 Cabriolet. Have already found A 124 545 62 32 which is the Control Unit for the Electronic Accelerator in the passenger's footwell, but according to the EPC my car has this other control unit for the Cruise...
  8. C

    1996 W202 C180 Elegance won't start up - with vid

    I bought a 1996 C180 Elegance about two weeks ago. I've got my first issue with the Merc. I'm not mechanically clued up at all so sorry if I come across as a bit of a lemon if this is something very obvious. Having had the doors and boot open on the car for a good hour last week whilst...
  9. J

    1996 W140 Parktronic Issue

    I am presently running a 1996 w140 S420 saloon. The factory fit parktronic is displaying the following odd behaviour. The front system is activating at all speeds below about 50mph, rather than only below about 15mph. This is somewhat irritating (especially at night) if not the end of the...
  10. G

    C200 Auto (5 speed) 1996 W202 Spares / Repair

    Recent accident damage to o/s/f wing & door forces reluctant sale of my beloved 202. No rust. 149k miles. Private settlement so not recorded. Wing repairable but needs new door. Drives fine. New cat approx. 5 weeks ago, autobox oil & filter changed approx. 17k miles ago. Nice Pioneer stereo with...
  11. G

    1996 c250 td , advice on buying

    I am going to look at a 1996 c250 td next week and would appreciate any advice on obvious faults to look out for. It is a two owner low mileage (only 82,000) with the last owner having owned it for eight years. He is looking for £1200 which reflects low mileage etc. I am looking for a car that I...
  12. B

    E55 1999 back box into Sl500 1996

    Hello, I have a late 96 SL500 and I wish to remove rear box and resonator and replace with stainless twin pipes from cats back to e55 rear box twin pipes (losing resonator). Has anyone experience of such a change? Thank you in advance
  13. mattyv33

    1996 e300td water sloshing in passenger sills/ footwell??

    Hi all, For the last few weeks everytime I accelerate or brake I can hear a lot of water sloshing up and down the passenger side sill - has anyone else experienced this and if so how have you solved the problem? Can't see how that amount of water would of got in there and why it doesn't...
  14. S

    C180 1996

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I want to read the fault codes on a C180 1996 does anybody know if it is OBDII or EODB or Just OBD and has anybody any thoughts on readers for this,the car has the 36 pin round plug. Thanks Steve
  15. benz13

    W202 c220 sport 1996 £999

    Hi here's my c220 sport w202 in silver ,full unmarked leather trim 10months mot ,4 months tax ,full history all old mots and tax discs ,amg wheels ,102,000 miles .very good condition for year had new wings very recently ,has privert reg on NST92Y may leave it on for right price (worth $$$$) £999...
  16. H

    Alarm issue on 1996 SL60

    I have an SL60 AMG 1996 (N reg), when I reconnect the battery after charging the alarm goes off and even though i lock and unlock the car the alarm still sounds. The car starts but the alarm just keeps going!!! HELP
  17. L

    1996 W202 ignition lock stucked

    hi my car has a big problem the ignition is stucked and would not turn anymore does anyone have a solution to the problem? i have tryed with the spare keys but still stucked had to get towed home
  18. S

    Wiring diagram Mercedes Vito 1996 LHD

    Hi, We have a problem with the air suspension on a MB Vito 110d - it is automatic, left hand drive (we are delivering it for a friend). We need to know the relay wiring diagram as we suspect a relay has failed, as the fuses are all okay. Does anybody have some information which could...
  19. BaldGuy

    XX 1996 W124 E220 Coupe - For Sale XX

    For Sale on behalf of a friend.... E220 COUPE AUTO, Registered 16-04-1996 149K miles Shabs has owned this car for 5 years and has invested a huge amount of money into restoring the 124, he's owned numerous 124's across the years and has certainly made this one pristine Its finished in...
  20. adile220

    1996 W124 e220 coupe Auto For Sale

    Dear All, The time has come to sell the car which brought me to this forum. My beloved Mercedes 1996 W124 E220 coupe in a shade of blue which I was never able to identify, with a grey interior and contrasting walnut trims. This is the facelift version. Tax until Jan 2014 MOT until 14th...
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