1. B

    250TD Sport (W202) 1997 Auto

    Anyone know part no. Of coolant pipe for auto transmission or where to get one:wallbash:
  2. D

    320 clk r reg 1997

    Time to say goodbye to my old friend. 320 sport auto runs beautifully gearbox smooth as, all elecs work windows mirrors htd front seats. Offside front wing had it. Alloys decent condition. Scrapman will gladly take away but i think he deserves better treatment after such faithfull service.
  3. B

    Fault with my 1997 C220D

    Hi, my 1997 C220 straight diesel has been off the road now for a while. Apparently with a brain fault but my local Mercedes specialist has told me that it's the Diesel Injection pump. I have tried all my local parts dealers and no one can get me one and if they can it's silly money...
  4. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Anybody know somewhere you can buy 124 cabrio repair panels ? rear wheel arch and panels behind headlamps etc. Also looking for set of 17inch AMG alloys for it and a central locking pump and a rear view mirror backing - any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Hello looking for a central locking pump 1240002148 and a rear view mirror backing and wondered if anyone knows where i can find repair panels for the w124 - mine is a bit rusty behind headlamps and on rear wheel arches, please email : [email protected] many thanks. p.s also looking...
  6. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hi Mercedes Brothers & Sisters! I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day. I have...
  7. D

    C230 W202 1997 Window opening switch faulty

    Hi, on my center console the switch to open the driver window only works intermittently. is this a common fault anyone any ides to fix? any help appreciated. Derek
  8. B

    sticky tappet C180 1997

    I have a intermittent sticky tappet,sometimes it clicks for a few seconds on start ,other times is starts quietly then clatters after a few minuits running. Sometimes this stops for no reason. I am fairly adept at mechanics having done my own engine/gearbox/axle repairs many years ago. Is there...
  9. V

    R129SL 1997 - mirror glass compatibility

    so, some nasty person smashed my driver's side mirror off yesterday. i've managed to fix the mirror housing, but i now need a replacement glass. the car is a facelift SL with heated and powered mirrors, but not folding. the heating element is a 2-pin rectangular connector rather than the...
  10. F

    C280 (w202) V6 engine 1997

    Hi, Sorry to show great ignorance on this, but I have a C280 (as above) which I suspect I may have caused the timing chain to jump a tooth when I was undoing the flywheel bolts without locking the various sprockets. I know, an unexplainable attack of stupidity! If it has jumped a tooth would...
  11. D

    Excellent 1997 R129 SL500 for sale

    A good friend of mine is selling his SL500. It was seeing his that led me on my extensive search which ended up with me buying the SL60. I realised just how hard it is to find a good one having scoured the country at the time and also concluded that he was lucky to have found his in such good...
  12. E

    1997 w202 brake lines

    Hi hope someone can help? A friend of mine as been told that in order to replace his corroded brake lines they will have to drop the rear axle, is this really necessary? Cheers
  13. Lxb3

    R129 (late - 1997) window poltergeist

    Hi all, I've got a puzzling one. MY 1997 SL280 has a habit of closing its passenger window, even when the ignition is off and the keys are out. This seems to be leading to the battery draining (unless there is another fault, but this would seem to be the prime suspect and I'm not aware of...
  14. B

    1997 R170 Charging issue

    As it was such a lovely day yesterday the SLK was taken out for its first real run of the year. As it's not used greatly (especially in the winter) I fairly regularly charge the battery which I last did about two/three weeks ago. "Senior Management" and I had a lovely drive in the country with...
  15. F

    C250TD 1997 R reg spares/repairs

    Hi All A few months ago, our trusty C250TD Estate spat it's offside front suspension spring bringing to an end a long, trouble free and happy ownership. If anyone is interested in taking the car off me for a token sum, I'll be happy to let it go rather than sending it to the scrapyard...
  16. afflier

    1997 c36 amg

    1997 P Reg Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG Auto 3.6 286bhp Aquamarine Blue RARE | eBay
  17. C

    C230 k 1997 parts help

    Im in need of a replacement centre n back box for my class 1997 c230 kompressor. And rear cv gaitors struggling to find them n really need it motd can any one help im in uk
  18. C

    1997 W202 C230 Kompressor

    - W202 C230 Kompressor Sport Auto - 1997 - 125k Miles - MOT 9th June 2016 - £1500 ono - St Leonards on Sea (Hastings), East Sussex - Tel Andy - 07758 949327 This car has been owned by 2 previous forum members and I bought it from the mbclub forum. I've had this car for two and a half...
  19. N

    Problems with my heating after a leak on a 1997 C180

    Hi everyone, You've all kindly saved me a massive garage bill before when my MAF sensor was dodgy when I first got the car, so I'm praying someone knowledgeable could maybe help me again. During these storms, my 1997 Mercedes C180 Espirit decided to have a MASSIVE leak in my passenger...
  20. Coggers

    1997 C200 estate only £300 open to offers

    My Mum is selling her Mercedes and I said I would help and offer it on the forum first. Ask any questions you like and I will find out the answers. Her husband has owned it for well over 10 years and it still goes very well. C200 classic automatic, estate R Reg 1997. Mileage is 224,882 miles...
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