1. I

    Where is the alarm module on 1998 SL500?

    Hi, I'm having problems with the alarm on my 1998 SL500 R129. Once it went off when I started the engine. Another time it peeps 5 or 6 times and goes silent, other times it goes off when I unlock the car and open a door, sometimes it goes off when I just unlock using the remote, sometime it...
  2. Wigglesworth

    1998 W202 elegance breaking

    Currently have a smoke silver (gold as far as I can see) W202 elegance that I am breaking. Some parts are available but I am updating the interior of my pre facelift from it. It has a running M111.945 2.0 16v engine. This runs and I drove the car a few miles from where it was left for 12...
  3. G

    Which spark plugs E55 1998 AMG?

    Hi all, What spark plugs should I be buying to replace on my E55 AMG please, made in 1998 (W210) I've had good luck with NGK plugs before now. The site recommends the NGK BKR5EIX-11. Thanks, Jon
  4. B

    Central Locking crazy problem W202 C180 1998

    Hello This is crazy but maybe someone can help? Remote: When I lock, indicators flash 3 times normal but no locking occurs. When I unlock, The boot pops open!! When I press boot open, boot also pops open. When I open driver door, boot pops open. When I press door unlock on dash...
  5. S

    1998 e300td auto box surge at low speed

    Hi guys I have a 1998 E300TD estate with an Auto box. Recently I have had a problem which I think comes from the gearbox. When I am driving through town the car seems to surge almost like the gearbox has decided to change up and then decides to change down again straight away. Just like a manual...
  6. G

    W210 sill removal E55 1998

    Hi guys, Apart from using a claw hammer, which I was close to doing earlier today. How do I remove my sill trim so that I can access the two bolts holding the wing on hidden by this? I've taken the 3 8mm bolts out, read someone where that you just give it a good pull but I don't want to break...
  7. G

    E55 1998 - Xenon lights swapping of

    Hi guys, I have (what I believe) are 'non adjusting' xenon head lights. I've found a pair of 'auto adjust' headlights, will they fit my car? One of my lights has a small crack in it and the other has condensation. Here is a photo, please correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions. The front...
  8. C

    1998 Mercedes c230k mods

    Hi there I have a s reg Mercedes c230k w202 I am currently looking to mod it, so far I have took the destructors from the engine and fitted k and n other than that it's standard , I no it has an eaton m62 supercharger so what other mods can I do to it I've heard of pulley mods but I'd like to...
  9. G

    1998 E55 AMG - what rear diff oil

    I don't think these cars came with an LSD as stock. What oil should be used to replace what is in the diff please? Thanks,
  10. G

    Garage Manual for a W210 E Class 1998

    Hi, It appears Haynes never made a manual for the W210, I have an E55 which I'd like to buy a book on, so I know how to remove door cards, exhausts. Change fan belts and troubleshoot the normal stuff. Can anyone point me in the direction of the book I should be buying please? Thanks,
  11. F

    1998 W210 E430 - what to look out for?

    Hello all. Newbie here. Potentially looking at an E430 tomorrow. Was wondering what I need to be looking out for. Never owned a Mercedes or a V8 before. Rust seems to be the big thing. Anything else I need to consider? Thanks for your help.
  12. R

    Wanted R129 1998 SL

    Drivers side interior door panel in grey leather complete if possible , and both sun visors in grey to match .
  13. V

    1998 vito 110d aircon not working

    when i bought my vito a couple of months ago on test drive i asked does aircon work? the seller turn the switch on and blower and pointed at the switch waved his hand in front of vent and said "si perfecto". its not working now and it probably was not working then. i know i am going to have to...
  14. Allan c180

    1998 c180 oil filter tool

    Good evening. I have a 1998 c180 and I'm planning on replacing the oil filter, what size oil app removal tool do I need ? There seems to be so many different sizes. Any help is really appreciated Allan
  15. A

    R129 asr light 320 1998

    This light seems to come on for no apparent reason. Does not cause limp home mode. If I switch the car off and on again it goes off again. ( for a while) I have read about the throttle cable ( cable tie solution) but haven't done that yet. I had the brake light switch changed but it still...
  16. B

    Mercedes CL 1998 W140 intermittent problem

    Hello All I am at my wits end over an intermittent electrical problem that affects my indicators, wipers, electric seats and windows - they will work fine which they are now - good chance they will not work tomorrow and will work again after while. have had it to three garages now ( not a merc...
  17. T

    New owner of a lovely 1998 slk 230 Hampshire Barn Find

    Hi, I recently purchased an almost mint 65k 1998 slk 230 Kompressor with black and red leather and trim from a barn clearance where it was stored for 4 years ( I do house clearances ). We have a C220 CDI which I enjoy driving but this is a different beast. I always looked at them as...
  18. T

    New owner of a lovely 1998 slk 230 Hampshire Barn Find

    Hi, I recently purchased an almost mint 65k 1998 slk 230 Kompressor with black and red leather and trim from a barn clearance ( I do house clearances ). We have a C220 CDI which I enjoy driving but this is a different beast. I always looked at them as hairdressers cars however I love the drive...
  19. B

    W140 1998 CL coupe

    having a nightmare, can anyone offer any ideas ! I have an intermittent electrical problem, first thing in morning especially the indicators,wipers, electric seats, electric windows, seat belt extenders do not work then later in the day they always come back again . Been to two garages and...
  20. B

    Mercedes CL 1998 W140

    Hello all just wondered if anyone has ideas on this puzzle ! some time ago some electrics not all ( wipers, indicators , electric seats and radio wouldn't work ) would not work but they all came on when I had driven a while ! had a control module changed which seemed to sort it. But it has...
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