1998 e300td auto box surge at low speed


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Mar 29, 2015
Barry,South Wales
mercedes 190e/E300TD/E320 CDI
Hi guys I have a 1998 E300TD estate with an Auto box. Recently I have had a problem which I think comes from the gearbox. When I am driving through town the car seems to surge almost like the gearbox has decided to change up and then decides to change down again straight away. Just like a manual gearbox when the clutch starts to slip, thats the best way to describe it really. Doesn't seem to do it at higher speeds and the car ticks over smoothly.
I have bought a gearbox dipstick and checked the level which was down considerably and thought that would fix it but no change. (correctly followed a forum on checking the level IE Gearbox up to temp after 20 min drive, checked level with car running in Park, used correct Merc oil)

Next I cleaned out the MAF sensor, still no change, so I took off and blanked the vacuum pipe to the EGR valve once again no change, I have now reconnected the vacuum pipe after having first checked there was a vacuum present.

I am thinking that I may have to bite the bullet and get the codes read at a garage, but I am working in France at the moment and it would be quite expensive to have this done.

The other option is to buy a code reader myself but most of the ones for sale on e-bay are for cars after 2000 and mine is a 1998. Does anybody have a recommendation for me on the correct one to buy for my year and model. I will have around £100 to spend on one.

Sorry to have gone on for so long but I need some help with this please. Thanks guys

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