1. Braincrank

    Cylinder head for 124, 200E, petrol

    Hello there, has anyone got a cylinder head for a 124 , 200E, petrol , 4 cylinder, laying around ?
  2. G

    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    Hi all, my name is Gian Paolo, I'm italian and I have been living for some years in Spain. I'm moving to UK for work and I would like to take my cars with me, despite the annoying things that may happen when driving a EU car in a place where everything is placed on the other side :D So, I have...
  3. M

    E Class 200E Avantgarde 2004 63k value??

    Time to let my W211 saloon go :mad: only so l can buy an estate w211:o Struggling to value it, its had one lady for 10 years and then me (2004 '54'), full black leather which is unmarked, body is in cracking condition, no faults showing & full history merc & indie...alloys getting ready for a...
  4. P

    w124 200e lacking alot of power

    Hi I have a Mercedes w124 200e manual 1992 that has lost a lot of power to begin with the engine lost power and would not rev right below 2000 RPM but as the engine got hotter it would raise the RPM that it would become fine again. Now it has lost power right across the Rev range and suggestions...
  5. D

    w124 200e imoboliser problem

    Hi all I recently brought a 200e I found the number plate lights do not work. Checked the fuses and bulbs they were all fine. I then found 3 in line fuses near the battery. 1 holder was broken and one had no fuse in. I put a fuse in and for the first time the red led light by the...
  6. A

    W124 102 200e 1992

    Hard start problem. When finaly started, misfiring for a while but drives great afterwards. Plugs changed, injectors checked ok. Any suggestions?
  7. P

    1992 200e manual cutting out

    Hi new to this site wondering if anyone can help me, iv juSt bought a 1992 200e manual it was advertised with an intermittent starting problem no I have the car and have been dribing it for a little while it cut out on me twice , after further investigation when it wouldn't start or cut out the...
  8. P

    Value my merc 200e?

    Hey guys looking for some advice as some of you here love your classic vechicle spec Mercedes 200e 2.0 on a G reg 2 former keepers My dad's owned it over 20 years 98,000 miles with mot to prove Had a full respray about 1 year ago Cream swede interior Starts first time everytime...
  9. A

    Which w124 model is best.

    Hi all, I was just wondering what engine do you recommend for the w124 (200e, 230e and 300e). Thanks.
  10. H

    W123 200e Carburettor

    Does anyone know of a good place to get my Carburettor refurbished in Manchester area? Thanks
  11. Cleggmeister

    Acceleration better with pedal not fully depressed W124 200E

    I'm guessing this is a linkage issue but would appreciate the reassurance... My 1990 W124 200E accelerates more rapidly with the pedal pressed to approx 3\4 maximum. Pressing the pedal fully down reduces the acceleration by a noticeable, but not massive degree. All is running well, good...
  12. Cleggmeister

    1990 W124 200E, missing a gear, o/d, or fine?

    Hi folks, At 60mph my gal is doing around 3400rpm and would love another gear. I don't think there is another in the transmission but wanted to post in case I'm missing a trick? Many thanks. Cleggy.
  13. H

    W123 200e Auto - bunny hoping

    Help ! My car seems to be bunny hoping and I can't work out why, it's as though it can't find a gear sometimes. I have changed the spark plugs ht leads and ignition coil, the gear box fluid seems to be a correct level. Really need some help or a brilliant mechanic in Manchester area before the...
  14. Cleggmeister

    Very basic advice please, brakes squeaking, W124 200E

    Apologies, I guess this is primary school stuff but brakes are not really my thing. Braking at slow speeds, for example when manouevering, causes quite a squeal from my brakes. Can't tell which wheel, it may be one or all of them. How do I sort this out please, with common DIY tools if...
  15. Cleggmeister

    Stereo compatibility check please, W124 200E

    Hi folks, belated happy new year to you, My Blaupunkt Cambridge cassette radio is not really providing me with the features I require so I've been looking for a suitable replacement. The best I can find for the money are as follows: JVC KD-X250BT Bluetooth Media Receiver | Car Audio...
  16. H

    W123 200e keeps cutting power on hills

    I have a w123 200e Auto and it keeps bunny hopping up hills, had new leads and dis cap, fitted but not solved problem any ideas?
  17. H

    W123 200e auto bunny hopping

    I have a w123 200e Auto and it keeps bunny hopping up hills, had new leads and dis cap fitted but not solved problem any ideas?
  18. Cleggmeister

    Straighten steering wheel, 1990 W124 200E

    Hi folks, Couple of wee niggles that I'm going to resolve over the weekend, one of which is that my steering wheel is maybe 15 degrees off-centre with the front wheels straight. Is this a simple job for someone with reasonable tools/knowledge? As I recall it wasn't so simple on my...
  19. G

    W124 200E 1989 E Class engine cold starting problem.

    Hello guys, I have come to a "conclusion" to that problem. My old W124, now a very good friend of mine has it, will not start in cold weather. As mentioned to an old post on here thought it was the HT leads or Distributor cap... etc? A reminder of the problem is that it will turn but not fire...
  20. H

    W123 200e

    Hi my w123 200e is using almost double the fuel it was 3 months ago , any suggestions welcome based in south Manchester -110 miles £40?
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