1. M

    Major issue: Check Engine and Loss of Power / 2012 E200CGI Coupe

    Hi guys, I hope you're doing fine. Since a few weeks I've been having issue with the check engine light turned on and loss of power, if I turn the car off and wait 10-20 minutes the check engine light goes again, but after a few minutes/hours it appears again and it loses power again. I only...
  2. B

    C250 Class Coupe 2012

    Hi folks My car seems to be doing a lot less MPG than it was a week ago. I normal get 570-600 miles to a tank, and just got 500....anyone have any ideas? Sorry if there is an obvious answer
  3. H20 MRV

    Be Seated BS / C63 2012

    Greetings All, I am told that the Black series seats are in fact Recaro Pole Positions, Like... Recaro Pole Position FIA Motorsport bucket seat - GSM Sport Seats - Bucket seats, racing seats, motorsport seats, roll cages and harnesses with the £500 leather option of course...
  4. P

    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG EDITION 125 Coupe with Performance Pack & AMG LSD (2012)

    Well sadly the time has come to sell my beloved C63 AMG Coupe to free up money to fund another house purchase. It is advertised on AutoTrader and on Pistonheads but offered here for less in the hope it'll sell to an enthusiast who will care for it as I have and give it a good home. Below...
  5. W

    Wanted 2012 E class

    Hi all, Looking for a friend ... A 2012 E class with 150g max co2 Budget circa £15k Thanks
  6. A

    W212 E500 2012 (4.6 V8 biturbo)

    Thinking about swapping my C300 CDI for a 2012 E500 4matic with the 4.6 V8 biturbo. A bit of a rare beast, as it was only produced in pre-facelift shape in 2012, so few reviews can be found. Anyone here had any experience with it? On paper it is a very nice package with 408 bhp/600 nm, yet...
  7. Owen009

    For Sale - 2012 White E350 CDI Coupe

    This car belongs to a good friend of mine who has asked me to place an add on here as he is looking to change it for something different. It has been used as a 2nd car/weekend car and has been very well looked after. The details for the vehicle are as follows: Mercedes E350 CDI Sport Coupe -...
  8. B

    W204 2012 c250 4matic

    Hey I was wondering if a c63 front bumper will fit my c250?
  9. G

    My 2012 C220 AMG Sport

    Hi All, Not been on here very long, only owned our first mercedes for 2.5 weeks (its a 2012 Mercedes C220 AMG Sport in Calcite White). Thought I would post up a couple of pics since I had it detailed today and I really am chuffed with the car! :D:D If anyone is the inverclyde or Glasgow area...
  10. N

    2012 e350 coupe multi contour massage seats

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 2012 e350 and have spotted a few that come with multi contour seats in the UK. However it's not clear to me whether multi contour seats mean that they will come with a massage feature. Can anyone clarify? I'll be doing long distances so am quite keen to try and get...
  11. alistairgd

    Downshift JOLT on 2012 7 speed auto box w204

    Anyone heard much about a transmission jolt when the 2012 7 speed autobox downshifts from 5 -3 (ie slowing from about 40mph to 35mph)? I remember at least one other member here posted about it a while back, and I found some users on a US forum talking about the same thing. It happens to...
  12. A

    2012 vito radio input poor

    the aux input in the glove box is very poor, the volume has to up full to hear anything is there a way of getting it turned up, I asked at the last service but they hadnt a clue this happens on all devices, phones, ipods etc which work fine elsewhere
  13. chrisbin

    2012 C250 Cdi needs new discs at 33k miles

    :eek: Also front pads.... This is according to the main dealer who are currently carrying out B service on it.... I'm shocked - havent needed new discs on a car for many many years despite running them for 3-4 years on average. Anyone else surprised?? Or is this average?? Thanks
  14. Colin_b

    2012 C250CDI Odd Noise When parked.

    If I park my 2012 C250CDI, assuming the engine is warm, an odd noise starts after an hour and keeps occurring for at least 4 hours. The car is running perfectly otherwise, using no oil or coolant, just this odd noise, which is loud enough to draw attention to the car. Anyone any idea what it...
  15. I

    2012 E220 CDI Estate Avantgarde

    All Selling my E class estate as my work circumstances have changed and now get a company car. It was first registered in August 2012, and I bought it in Jan 2013 with 3000 miles on the clock. The first owner apparently traded it for an ML after inheriting some money..... I bought it from...
  16. C

    Vito traveliner front passenger seating dec 2012 model

    Hi all i am looking at purchasing a vito traveliner 9 seats ( registered dec 2012 blue efficiency ), i have problems with insurance ( clean licence never had no points etc , companies saying its the 9 seats ) , so to make life easier i am looking to remove the front double passenger seats and...
  17. DSLiverpool

    Infiniti FX50 2012

    I will expand on the car specifically over the next few weeks but I have realised in 2 days no one has heard of infiniti in normal life. They have a range about to launch in 2014 that takes the brand above fancy Nissan into dedicated infiniti product. My car is a fancy Nissan being a 4 year old...
  18. V

    W204 C250 CGI (2012) Common Problems?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum as I've recently bought a (July) 2012 C250 CGI BlueEfficiency (Facelift W204). This may sound like an odd question, but I was wondering if there were any "common" problems with this car that I should keep an eye out for. The reason I ask this random...
  19. kam05

    Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Comand APS 2012 (Europe)

    Selling my Comand Sat Nav discs (2012) as they are no longer needed: Mercedes Benz Sat Nav DVD Comand APS 2012 Europe (NTG4 - Violet) | eBay Thanks for looking.
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