1. S

    e 220 estate 2012 boating

    hi all how should the above car feel suspension wise , mine is fairly boaty and i was just wondering A does the sport mode just adjust the rev range or does it stiffen the suspension? B whats the best way to stiffen the ride up/ several kids have nearly thrown up in the car and i just...
  2. Inquisitor

    Heavy Steering 2012 GL350cdi (X164)

    Looking for advice on heavy steering issue. Three weeks ago towed caravan with family (and kitchen sink, Et Al all camping stuff) to Brittany for summer Hols. 500 mile trip there, the GL just ate it up! Whilst out there a few days after arriving and now running solo unhitched, I noticed after...
  3. A

    CLS63 2012 on Autotrader

    Mercedes-Benz CLS 5.5 CLS63 BlueEFFICIENCY AMG 7G-Tronic Plus 4dr (start/stop)
  4. J

    2012 ML350 Vibration

    Hi. Has anybody had any problems with vibration at motorway speeds in an ML??? 5 weeks ago I bought a facelift 2012 ML350 and between 60-90 mph am experiencing a vibration/shudder through the car. So far Kwikfit have replaced 3 tyres saying they are out of shape and balanced all 4 wheels on...
  5. fozi.g

    W204 C63 AMG Coupe parts (2012)

    Hello gents. I have the following parts for sale. If anyone is interested please drop me a pm. All parts removed from W204 C63 coupe 1 x front bumper complete with fog lights. 1x rear bumper complete with diffuser 2 x front wings with badges 2 x side skirts 2 x double exhaust tailpipe tips...
  6. N

    Vito Alloy Wheels 2012

    Hi all I'm Looking for a set of 18" alloys to fit a 2012 vito must be load rated wheels cheers Alex
  7. B

    MERCEDES 2012 Coupe electrics fail

    Hi all My first post so bare with me. I have a 2012 c class coupe and have had it for 2 years. It's been great but randomly at times the engine will start fine, but the SRS warning comes on along with bonnet sensor, safe mode, and various others as well. It also means some of the lights cut...
  8. B

    ABS / EPS light on - C250 2012

    Hi there I'm new to this forum but came across it today whilst doing a bit of research on the above problem. So, I've owned my car (C250 2012) since 2014 and it has been great - I've had no problems whatsoever until a few weeks ago when all of a sudden the orange ABS light along with the...
  9. B

    Help! Dashboard fault lights, no electronics c class 2012

    Hi, I am after some advice as to what the problem might be and some alternative solutions as I just know the dealer will charge a small fortune! The problem seem to occur in the mornings, but once it starts, the car works fine until the next morning. Basically, when I turn the key, all manner...
  10. R

    2012 C63 AMG IPE Exhaust Fitment

    As above, I have found a centre section and rear back box IPE exhaust for my C63, It seems to come with some rubber hoses amd the control and remote. I will be fitting the exhaust myself just seeing how easy the wiring etc if for it? Cheers Ryan :thumb:
  11. R

    New Member With 2012 C63 Coupe

    So im new to this forum and Mercedes ownership. Come from a background of mostly Jap cars. Had a 5 year project race car which in the end I decided to sell up 8 weeks ago. After a long search and look I found the car for me only round the corner in local Merc Dealer. Had it 4 weeks...
  12. Campoos90

    Hello everybody! Any one with a w204 2012 AMG Coupe?

    Hi guys I'm new to MBClub UK, this being my first post, it's really interesting to see what people have wrote and to see photos of their cars so thought id join I! I had my 2012 w204 C220 cdi coupe (AMG sport) with 60000 miles for about 2 weeks now and so far it's great. If I have to complain...
  13. C

    2012 Facelift C180 Blueefficiency rear fuse box.

    Hello all. I've fitted a dash cam and need a constant live from the rear fuse box. I'm having real difficulties finding one. Appears to me the fuses are in different states when car open and locked and all have different lengths of time at which they receive power. Suffice to say the few...
  14. S

    E250 s212 2012 P2279 and p0299 codes

    Hi all am new here and thought I woulda ask if any one can help with the above codes. Car runs fine for a while but will suddenly go into limp and throw the eml on with codes p2279 and p0299. Once codes are creased car runs ok again for a while and then will do the same. Any advice will be most...
  15. E

    2012 B Class Coolant Thermostat

    Hi Does anybody know where the coolant thermostat can be found and also if it's easy to replace yourself? thanks in advance
  16. Mr-Goose

    E Class Coupe 2012 (c207) audio options

    I picked up a 2012 e class coupe the other day. I absolutely love the car. The audio system sounds good but I wish it had DAB. I think it has ntg 4.5. It has an SD card reader in the dash and USB in the centre console alongside an MMI socket. I would like to add a DAB receiver and interface...
  17. Gary Beale

    High Level Rear Brake Light W204 Estate 2012

    Hi All I am trying, without much luck to find a replacement for the above. Can anybody help me with the part number and if at all, a guide on how to change the unit. Thanks
  18. N

    2012 W204 C Class Coupe AMG PLUS

    Check this out, gorgeous car. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222516681629
  19. G

    Run flat tyres on 2012 e class

    Hi I have purchased e class 220 2012 and they have 17 inch alloys with new hankook run flat tyers. One tyre firm told me they should not be on the car as not the right rims. Just need to know if this is right as it runs ok.
  20. S

    Command 2012 update - is it worth it?

    Dealer wants I hrs labour to update command and DAB - £160 Will I notice any difference? Not sure if that includes maps.
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