1. L

    mercedes 209 clk 280 sport

    Hi i'm looking for a garage to take my clk 280 sport to have a new balance shaft fitted.can anybody recommend me someone that's good near london.
  2. W

    W 209 CLK 320 Issue with "Flaps" on roof closure

    Good Evening Everyone, My pride and joy has developed an unusual issue with the roof. The roof operates normally when both opening and closing however i have noticed on the last few occasions upon closing two flaps of leather material have started protruding from the side of the rear window...
  3. M

    W209 CLK COMAND Sat Nav - A 209 820 76 89

    This was a factory fit unit from a UK car that was dismantled for spares so I am comfortable with its provenance. Details: Harman/Becker Model number: BE 7092 Part number: A 209 820 76 89 Date of manufacture: 14/07 £399 + postage.
  4. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  5. scgfull

    CLK 209 wiring Diagram Help Please

    Can anyone on here let me have a copy of a wiring diagram for a drivers side door mirror, with power fold, for a 2005 CLK Convertible. Many thanks. Steve
  6. A

    Clk 209 vert compartment hinges

    Need two of these if poss A2097500521 I think that's the part number it might have changed Mercedes want around £154 each :dk:
  7. C

    209 Piano Black Trim

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone might know where I might be able to get the piano black trim for my 209 from, or the relevant part number(s), as am not a big fan of the chrome...? Have looked on the epc, but can't find any part numbers. Cheers.
  8. G

    Central locking clk 209

    Hi all, my car has a flat battery i can open the drivers door using the key blade but i cannot open the bonnet. The ignition is dead. Is there a way to energise the central locking or open the bonnet with a flat battery?
  9. M

    W219 CLS320 CDI 209 - twitchy

    Had a chance to have a good drive in the car now and I love it. It's had new front springs and bushes and I'm finding that the back end feels twitchy and light on its feet over pots, drains and changes of surface. Is this due to the cars power or is it a rear suspension thing. It has a...
  10. T

    Air Con Control panel on 2003 CLK320 (209)

    Hi. I was removing my panel to get behind my radio. while disconnecting the air con panel, one of the connections broke. There are 2 connectors on the rear of the panel, large and small. It was the small that broke. Its a bit like a crimp on a cable, which plugs into the rear of the panel. As...
  11. K

    CLK 209 Convert Fuel issues

    Hi guys, hoping to be told I'm on the right track and also maybe a little guidance. on my CLK convertible (2003, 240 model) iv met a issue, when I get to half way down on the fuel gauge it cuts out .. no fuel, gauge shows half way and I refill and it only takes £35-40 to fill it!, from...
  12. K

    Any Diffrence Between 209 Covertible vs Hardtop Rear Bumper

    Hi Guys, got myself a Covertible CLK 209 (2003), it needs a new rear bumper as it has a crack. Does anyone know if the convertible and coupe rear bumpers are interchangable? i have seen a few breaking in the same colour so hope to save myself some headache... and money thanks for...
  13. Rashman

    2012/2013 Sat Nav disc - CLK (209)

    Perfect condition - genuine disc purchased from dealer. £50
  14. F

    CLK 500 (209) clock and temp reader "sleeping"

    I'm relatively sure this is a new thing, not something I've just never noticed before; the analogue clock stops when I get out and lock the doors, when I get in later, it will spin round to the correct time, the temp sensor also climbs up from 0 to the right temp when ignition turned on, are...
  15. estate-agent

    CLK rear suspension bushes (209)

    Hi all, I think this is one of my first posts here so hope it becomes of use for a few fellow CLK owners. My model is a CLK 270 CDI I have recently had the dreaded squeaking rear suspension bushes. I had read some post on here and it sounded like I had a common "anti-roll bar drop...
  16. F

    Different seats? CLK (209)

    How many of you have gone for different seats in your MB, especially CLK 209? Don't get me wrong, I think they're nice and all, but I've been seeing some amazing looking bits of kit as of late and was just having a think about the future, I'm thinking that if I get general aftermarket ones the...
  17. mariuss

    Shock absorber clk w 209

    Hi every one. My shock absorbers in my clk w209 2006 they gone, any advice where I can get some decent ones ?
  18. jotter22

    Clk 209 rear light question.

    Good evening to you all, I have had a message appear on my display,rear right tail light inoperative (or something like that) my question is do i need a single filament or double filament bulb/s what is the bulb position? (as a stand in bulb apparently takes over) and are they an easy change...
  19. B

    209 clk steering

    Hi i have a 2006 clk the steering goes heavy from time to time but today it was so heavy i couldnt turn the wheel turned car of restarted and it was fine got it plugged into star and it said speed sensative steering solanoid i presume star cant be wrong as the part is £250 and i dont want to...
  20. mercconvert

    CLK 209 (2003) roof packed up - any ideas?

    Hi All Just gone out to the car to put the roof down to do a bit of trim cleaning, and its stopped working.(probably because the sun has come out :crazy: Windows go down, roof unlatches but doesn't fold back. The roof switch flashes red slowly (I'm assuming as I don't think I've seen it...
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