1. flango

    East Midlands Breakfast Meet & Run 21st August 2016

    OK so a few of us thought it would be a good idea to organise a Sunday out for all fellow MB enthusiasts but all cars welcome. Plan is to meet at Tibshelf Services on the M1 Southbound and head for Hassop station cafe in the Peak District taking in some nice scenery on the way. After Breakfast...
  2. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 21st August - 11:00

    It might seem a while away but with holidays and other events taking priority during the summer months, the next GTG at MB World will be on Sunday 21st August. As usual we will gather in the car park on the left hand side near the main entrance from 11:00; chance to chat, meet new people and...
  3. S

    Facelift W211 E Class - how to bring Audio from 20th century to 21st?

    I do not require anything special - just something that virtually any 21st century car "radio" has: the ability to use SD Card / UBS Stick loaded with mp3 files. Even 10 years ago (before the W211 facelift) most "radios" even the ones under 50 pounds had this feature .... not Mercedes. With...
  4. LTD

    Friday 21st August 2015 - Yadgar

    OK gang Short notice, I know but we have a couple of German forum members probably visiting our fair city on Friday. They have sampled the fayre at another curry house near Druk. It was very nice but not the culinary delights that attendees are used to. Can we organise a turnout at the...
  5. T

    Wings and Wheels Wellesbourne Airfield 21st June 2015

    655 Maintenance & Preservation Society - Events Tickets £5 Vulcan XH558 will be doing a short air display.
  6. Rashman

    Amberley Museum meet - Sat 21st Sept

    There is a meet that has been organised on the "other side" at the Amberley Museum next Saturday. They are meeting at midday. I am aiming to join them if the weather is good. Amberely Motor Museum Saturday 21st September 2013 - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums Amberley Museum & Heritage...
  7. Rashman

    Goodwood - Wed 21st Aug

    I'm planning to go down to Goodwood on Wednesday to meet up with Sean & Ricky. Weather should be nice. Anyone fancy a drive down there?
  8. mbzclk

    PistonHeads Sunday Service - 21st July

    Heads up guys whilst there are still spaces... Sunday Service July 21: Vauxhall HQ - PistonHeads Don't think I will make it as I can never wake up that early. :fail Plus it's LUTON :ban:
  9. S

    Lowdown January Meet - Monday 21st

    From 7.30pm. Always a wide selection of cars mainly vw's but I'll be there in my low w211.
  10. B

    W124 300CE ending 21st Aug.

    Looks nice to my unknowledgeable eyes. What do you chaps think? MERCEDES 300 CE | eBay
  11. developer

    21st Century Man

    Having just seen the adverts I feel compelled to purchase something to make my life that bit better (especially as I'm the Alpha male in our household, who does all the macho, rufty tufty, protect the family, stuff). I just can't decide between: L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic...
  12. developer

    Donnington Park GTG tomorrow 21st

    Whilst it's a bit short notice I thought you may like to know that there's a meet of guys/gals from MBOF at Donnington Park tomorrow around 11.am. It appears that there is plenty of parking. Meet/chat/eat/museum - what's not to like?
  13. A

    Free Renault weekend World series Silverstone 20th - 21st August

    Hello I've been to this once and friends a few times, completely free for the entry and the activities in the park. Great for kids, train rides, racing cars, Get to see anything from Clios racing to F1 cars. Great day out (busy leaving in the car parks) ok not Mercs but car related and...
  14. S

    Unphased German meet 21st April

    Unphased german meet, come down for a mix of german, retro and VW`s to The Boatyard in between Darwen and Preston. The meet starts at 7pm and onwards. were also celebrating our 3rd birthday this month so join us for a pint CAN WE PLEASE ASK PEOPLE TO DRIVE CARFULLY AT THE MEET PLEASE...
  15. W

    Rockingham Wet Handling Day - Saturday 21st May

    MBClub are invited to join SportsMaserati.com at Rockingham on Saturday 21st of May. Blurb from the Rockingham site: Rockingham’s dynamic Wet Grip Area will push you beyond the limit in a unique controlled environment. Combining a kick plate, water walls and a polished surface, so smooth...
  16. Rashman

    New Forest - tomorrow (21st)!

    Hey guys. I'm expecting nothing to come of this, but I just thought I'd mention that I'll be down in the New Forest tomorrow. I'm heading down there with 2 of my friends who both have GT-R's. The aim is to head to a nice location, take some pics of our cars, grab some food and then head...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridge(shire) mini GTG - Sat Nov 21st 2009

    So, who's up for a mini-meet? When, where any ideas?
  18. vijilants

    Anyone interested in these Mercs ? - Barons Auction 21st Oct

    In case anyone is interested, these Mercs are up for auction on 21st October at Barons: 1960 Mercedes190SL-Ground up restoration-Outstanding-Ivory-£29000-32000 1984 Mercedes 280SL-From large Private Collection-New MoT-£3500-4500 1983 Mercedes 280SL-Fine example of the 107SL-Both...
  19. S

    The 21st centruays biggest scam, and we willingly pay for it

  20. V

    New Car being delivered on 21st

    Hi folks, Well at long last the new B180 CDi SE will be ready next Wednesday. It was ordered at the end of August. Colour - Horizon Blue Black Leather Seats Seat Comfort Pack Storage package Folding Mirrors Cruise Control/Speedtronic Luxury Climate Control Parktronic plus mud flaps! This is...
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