1. J

    W203 220 CDI oil in injector bore

    Hi all. Ive been having a problem with my car lately. its been very lumpy at idle. 6 months ago all injectors where cleaned and car was running fine. the lumpiness has returned. Ive cleaned EGR and changed fuel filter and put new copper seals in the injectors. i also had to clean up some oil...
  2. C

    W203 220 CDi will not crank/start

    I have a 2002 W203 220 CDI Automatic. It was driving great. I replaced the serpentine belt last week and left the car parked up for five days or so as I was away on business. The car started instantly on Friday evening but all of the instrument panel was in darkness. The rev counter and the...
  3. brightspark0612

    220 cdi thermostat

    My car is taking ages to warm up some people have said this is due to the engine being made out of steel, others have said it needs a thermostat and some say it should warm up within a mile. At the moment it takes abouts 15 minutes to warm up to the max any ideas?
  4. brocas

    Hello all, new CLK 220 Cdi member

    Hallo! Hellos! Enjoying the undestated luxury of the CLK 220 cdi, 2005 plate. Fabric and Leather seats. Basic pack, as I wanted a cheap used one. It's a Ice blue with audio 20, no cd changer, folding mirrors and auto. Previous car was a Maserati 4200 gt, but mrs needed a new car and I could...
  5. K

    (52 plate cdi 220 saloon) injector return pipe

    Need one asap thanks
  6. LTD

    220 cdi vs. 250 cdi - real world

    Has anybody got any real world driving experience of the comparison. I know there is 30bhp and 100 nM torque differences ...
  7. 300CE

    Mercedes 220 Seb Coupe restoration project manual lhd - no reserve

    Mercedes 220 Seb Coupe restoration project manual lhd | eBay
  8. 300CE

    Jaguar XJ 220 - Stunning cond. with only 960 miles. Immaculate museum quality.

    What a machine & with some fantastic photos: Jaguar XJ 220 - Stunning cond. with only 960 miles. Immaculate museum quality. | eBay
  9. brightspark0612

    220 CDI average mpg

    Hi I'm only getting 38mpg on a run and 24mpg max round town this don't seem great to me as the clk 220 is meant to great on diesel. What's everyone else's doing as a reference? Cheeks guys
  10. 300CE

    MERCEDES 220 1998 AMG Spec Convertible (1998)

    on PH: Used MERCEDES 220 1998 AMG Spec Convertible for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 863074)
  11. MBhowden

    W124 220 rough idling

    Hi all, Had the car serviced last week, full oils and filters as I've just bought the car. It was running well previously although the mechanic said all the filters were full of crud and had clearly not been changed recently. However now when I stop the car at a junction it frequently idles...
  12. magentalic

    black leather seats 220 estate

    wanted black leather seats for 55 reg. c class estate w203 or full interior
  13. B

    C 220 auto estate

    Hi all I`m looking to buy a C220 auto estate My budget is around £8000 so I was thinking around 2005 to 2007 I would like top of the range with lots of toys. What model should I be looking for? and are there any faults I should be looking for,and what mileage are these good for as most I have...
  14. P

    w124 220 2.2 Auto 1995 estate; Issues

    Just managed to secure a good rear sub frame but I still have not found a replacement 4 speed auto replacement box. The present item does not like shifting up from 3rd to 4th unless its in her own time. Any one got one with less than 140K on or ideas on what could be wrong with the present...
  15. I

    CLK C209 220 CDI Sport - supposed to have runflats?

    So I've had my CLK (220CDI Sport with AMG pack) for about 4 months now after picking it up from a main dealer. I was told the car had run-flats when I bought it, and that was seemingly backed up by the lack of spare tyre and the fact that it has a run-flat indicator fitted. Anyway, I've just...
  16. B

    Fuel pressure sensor C class 220 cdi 2003

    The engine misfires and stalls; diagnostics show that the fuel pressure sensor reads erratic fuel pressure,(front of the fuel rail) with very high spikes of pressure or very low; the fuel pressure sensor was replaced but there is no change to the engine, still stalls and misfires. When I...
  17. S

    hello, good evening....etc w124 ce 220

    hi all, just bought this coupe. was hoping not to have too much of a project but it does need a few jobs. sunroof cable, a couple of window regulators and thats before i put it on the ramps!? i used to own a vw t25 and before that a r33 gtst skyline. looking forward to a meet, i'm in...
  18. J

    2009 clk 220 cdi vibration / wobble at high speed

    Hi Just bought my 2009 CLK 220 CDI Avantgarde 6 weeks ago off a Mercedes Dealer and whilst I have not had the best of starts with the car I really do love it. So far I have had the following replaced under the Mercedes Benz tier 1 warranty – four new parking sensors, two new rear shock...
  19. W

    2003 e 220 cdi phone

    I have just bought e class merc but has no phone installed first should I get a genuine merc phone kit or buy a parrot with adaptor to use steering wheel controls
  20. brightspark0612

    Clk 220 remap

    I've just bought my clk 220 and not totally impressed with the 150bhp it gives out, the misses wanted the smaller engine as she said it would be economical but I still want a bit more power under my right foot. Where is the best place to get the car remapped? I live in the London/ Surrey area...
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