1. S

    e 220 estate 2012 boating

    hi all how should the above car feel suspension wise , mine is fairly boaty and i was just wondering A does the sport mode just adjust the rev range or does it stiffen the suspension? B whats the best way to stiffen the ride up/ several kids have nearly thrown up in the car and i just...
  2. unclebuck

    Looking to part ex my 220 cdi 2005 for cls 320/350

    As per title I am looking to part ex my 2005 220 cdi. It's just had a b service at Mercedes Cardiff and other work done. Has a new all round set of Pirelli p7 . I have been hankering after a cls before I got the coupe but I couldn't find one I liked or was in my price bracket.
  3. bigdom1957

    220 front grill

    2015 220cdi front grill looks good in silver against black car , i had a look on ebay at differant grills and saw the new diamond type and wonderd if anyone had fitted one ,is it easy does all the clips match for fit , and the big star in the middle can they be replaced with the one the sell...
  4. M

    Mercedes w204 cdi 220 intercooler pipe

    Hi there im new to this forum. I need some help i have a split in my intercooler pipe on the the passenger side and now my car has gone into and getting codes p2279 and p2463. Its the pipe in the picture below i wanted to know which pipe i need to replace it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. D

    06 CLK 220 CDI Auto Intermittent Stalling Problem

    Hi all, I was wondering if somebody... anybody... can get to the bottom of the problem I've had with my CLK for around 3 years now? It's a 2006 220CDI auto 150bhp on around 95k. Ever since I've had the car it has stalled randomly, and nobody can work out what it might be. Google...
  6. 1stmbc180

    W212 replacement discs and pads

    Hi As the title suggests I'm going to be changing front and rear brake discs and pads. I have a 64 e class 220cdi AMG sport. I've had a look through various threads on the forum and things online. But really just want some opinions from people on here. Can anyone suggest WHERE to buy all...
  7. T

    Tyre advice W212 saloon 220 CDI

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this has been covered before... I will soon need to change the rear tyres on my W212 saloon but I'm not sure what to do. Their size is 245/45/17 and I have Hankooks MO in 95W. I am of the opinion that they haven't lasted too long (around 25-26,000 km) and I am...
  8. I

    s204 220 cdi problems

    Well, I had a problem at the end of last week with a sudden EML and limp home mode. The car was plugged and a MAF failure was found. I changed the MAF today and cleared the fault. Now the car still doesn't run properly. It felt like it was misfiring for a while, that has now stopped. It now goes...
  9. D

    W203 CDI 220 Battery Drain

    Hi, CDI 220 sports package 2006 Battery dead, got new battery and drove car for a few days and then left for 4 days battery dead again. When Breakdown company came we tested alternator and that seemed fine. After 10 mins approx there was approx 1.6 amp pull when all switched off so I entered...
  10. D

    Remap in Scotland 220 CDI AMG Sport

    Can anyone recommend anyone reputable in Scotland? I am looking for a remap on a 2013 220 CDI AMG Sport I was considering driving down to GAD North , but its a fair old trip for me. Someone in the Dundee/Aberdeen Area would be ideal.
  11. J

    WANTED: 220 S Pontoon / 220/250/280 SE coupe

    MB enthusiast looking for a 220S Pontoon or, 220/250/280 SE coupe. Minor rust / lhd / bad paint / non runner ok. Any tips most welcomed! Will travel anywhere. Thanks
  12. X

    Cls 220 200hp?

    Just curious, do they do a CLS220 with 204 hp? I am sure it is just a mistake on the ad. I thought they all were 177hp. 2015 (65) - Mercedes-Benz CLS CLS 220 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium 5dr 7G-Tronic Auto
  13. W

    Mercedes Difda 18" Wheels - 215 CL or 220 S-class

    Hi, I have a set of 4x18" Difda alloy wheels as fitted to CL 215 coupé and the 220 S-class saloon. These are 8J all round with an offset of ET44. Came off a low mileage year 2000 CL500. May possibly fit other MB models (I've a feeling some people use these on Vitos or possibly some VW...
  14. D

    W203 Coupe 2007 220 CDI Limp mode + errors

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and also to MB ownership! I have recently purchased a 2007 C class coupe 220 CDI and while driving I notice the car had gone into limp mode with no warning lights on at all. I had a friend read codes with his Delphi and he found the following: 2509...
  15. J

    Steering is hard/stiff 220 cdi

    Power steering problem. The steering wheel is a little hard when you turn left or right plus you got to turn it back yourself. I have checked the fluid and tyre pressure I have also had the pump changed but its still the same. Can any help my here please. I'm sure it's suppose to be smooth...
  16. X

    CLS 220, underpowered? or ok?

    Hi, me again. I am about to test drive a CLS 220. I have seen the stats, 170 ish BHP. Does anyone own this car and can tell me what it is like in the real world. MPG figures would be great too.
  17. S

    2006 220 cdi sport stuck in second gear

    Hi guys. My dad has a 220 cdi sport auto that has developed a gearbox fault today. The car has about 60/70k miles on it. He was driving it fine then all of a sudden it wouldn't go above 2nd gear. After parking up for a while it was fine again. Now, yesterday he fitted new front disks and...
  18. merovingian

    Remap w203 220 cdi 2005

    My EGR valve is sticking again, put me into limp mode the other day, the damn thing. So I thought I cant be ****d to clean it again get the thing deleted. I happen to know a good Tech who has already done my Fiat Ducato based motohome to great success. So, methinks Fk it, might as well go the...
  19. ardisulo

    W202 220 CDI low engine temperature

    First of all congratulation for this wonderful forum which brings us all together! I have a W202 220 CDI engine car, owned for about three years by now. Everything is smooth really enjoy riding this great car. Two years ago I started having problems with the engine operating temperature. It...
  20. D

    O2 Lambda sensor change CLC 220 CDI

    I have just bought A CLC 220 CDI Sport 2010 and having plugged in an OBD reader and even though there was no MIL warning code P2237 was showing. O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 open circuit. This is either a break in the wiring or the heater element has failed. Here is the procedure to replace the...
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