1. R

    CLC 220 CDI Fiscon Bluetooth

    Hi All I have just bought a 2008 (58) CLC CDI, I have the Audio 20 system which after doing some research, im aware doesnt allow the bluetooth phone system to work by itself. I have noticed that there is a small microphone up behind the rear view mirrow, and also when i sit in the car...
  2. L

    Clk 220 as a first car?

    Hi everyone I'd like to know people opinions on buying a Mercedes Clk 220 as a first car? Is it a bad idea? How reliable are these cars? Would it be a very expensive car to maintain? And any other thoughts you may have of this Thank you very much and the forum is great by the way ( edit...
  3. Flyinspanner

    MB 220 convertible resto project

    1966 Mercedes 220 se convertible BARN FIND needs full restoration PROJECT ponton
  4. A

    Starting to have second thoughts about my C204 220

    After 1,000 miles / 3 weeks I am starting to regret buying a C204 – C220 Bit of history My driving background is exclusively VAG and because my annual mileage is north of 20-22k I tend to change cars every 12 months, as a result over the last 12 years it would be fair to say I have had a...
  5. ioweddie

    I'm selling a 1:43 scale w124 E Class 220 model car by Minichamps

    Pauls Model Art Minichamps Please have a look at this and my other items as lots of model cars for sale Cut and paste this number into ebay search: 301811097355
  6. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 220 220S 1955

    Mercedes-Benz 220 220S 1955 | Trade Me
  7. S

    2012 CDI 220 engine light help

    Hello all, Was driving on the motorway today and gave it a boot full and I felt a sort of misfire and then my traction control light and tire pressure light flashed up as well as my engine mangement light. I pulled over and turned the car off and restarted to find just the management light...
  8. N

    Merc 220 cdi wont start

    Ive owned the Merc for a couple of months, no problems whatsoever until Friday... I drove home, no problem.. stopped off at local shop and it would not restart ... 12 hrs later turned it over and she started no problem.. After a short 5 mile journey, i stopped her again, and she wont now...
  9. M

    w124 220 problem

    my w124 had the typical engine stalling unless using the throttle to keep the revs up on starting, would sit ike that for 10 minutes to warm up and then it would be fine. so i replaced the wiring loom and to my surprise it is still the same. what i found though by playing about is that i...
  10. J

    GLA 220 auto recommended Diesel Tuning chip

    Hi. I'm new and as all newbies I have some questions!! :D We've had a GLA 220 diesel (165Bhp) Auto for almost a year now and would like to get a bit more out of it performance wise. My wife has used it for the past year and I've now "inherited " it and once I get the alloys repaired!!!:wallbash...
  11. P

    2014 220 E AMG Line - LED High Beam

    Hi - I have an E Class AMG Line with Part LED headlamps - I want to replace the full beam (Halogen) with LED as they look poor and perform poorly compared with the LED main beam - any thoughts / pointers ?? I am considering this kit H7 HIGH BEAM CREE LED TURBO SUPER BRIGHT 7200 LM XML CHIP...
  12. K

    W 220 Wheel ideas needed.

    After selling both of my W211`s I bought an S class W220 but the wheels are boring 16".If anyone has a picture of different wheels fitted to one of these would be most helpful.
  13. D

    W203 Cdi 220 sports had rain sensors?

    Hi, 2006 Cdi 220, can someone please tell me how I can check if my car has rain sensors? I've attached a pic of the sensors on the windscreen for ref.
  14. D

    W211 220 CDI from 2003 need help !!

    Hallo, im from Norway and im not best in english...sorry. The point is that i just bought a W211, automatic gear box, with 130k km, two weeks before. The car looks fine inside and outside and the only visible problem when i bought this car was low temperature engine even after long drive.I order...
  15. tcb180

    W203 Cdi 220 Diesel Leak Engine Bay

    Could smell diesel on occassions for months now but no sign of a leak anywhere.Sometimes poor starting too. Today things came to a head. Big smell and upon examination, the clear plastic line above aux belt is leaking quite badly. I want to change all clear ones in engine bay as they are...
  16. M

    DAB - CLA 220 D AMG sport

    HI, I have just recently purchased a CLA 220D AMG sport with full comand, however I dont seem to be able to get DAB radio, is this correct? is it an additional add on? Hope someone can shed some light on this ive looked every where for it. Thanks Martin
  17. D

    W203 Cdi 220 Squeaky drivers side rear wheel

    I seem to have developed a squeaky noise on the rear side wheel. Makes the noise soon as start driving forward and reversing. I have pushed down the boot and it does not bounce so don't think its the springs. Rear brake pads were low so I replaced them but noise still there. Any...
  18. D

    Maintenance costs of facelift Mercedes 220 CDI

    Hi I am in the research stage before the purchase of a facelift E220CDI from 2007. I chose that era (post 2006) as these cars are viewed now as very reliable. I am trying to establish the maintenance costs of such a car if I do the work myself (change of fluids, filters, and brake pads/disks)...
  19. J

    Merc 220 CDI W211 Speedometer

    I have just bought a 58 E-Class 220 CDI W211 to use as a taxi. A wire in the multiplug at the back of the instrument cluster will carry a "pulse" from the gearbox (probably), to the speedometer. I simply need to run a trace from this wire to a taximeter. I wonder if someone can help me...
  20. Mr Fixit

    Mercedes CLK 220 CDi Sport Silver

    On behalf of a Colleague 97750 Miles MOT with 8 months remaining 4 new tryes New discs and pads all round Both sets of keys Full MBSH Good condition and clean inside Looking for around £7600 ONO Only pic I have atm but will post more as soon as I can
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