1. M

    E Class 220 cdi common faults

    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a e class around a 58 plate auto 220 cdi but will have to be one with high mileage 130k plus. Can anyone tell the common faults with theses cars please. Thanks Mark.
  2. S

    S211 220 Cdi no start (long!)

    Hi folks, I'm having recurring issues with a cold start. Sometimes, but not every time from a first start of the day, this situation arises: switch on ignition, get ABS and ESP disabled on the digital display. Sometimes get convenience functioned unavailable as well. Also glow plug symbol...
  3. J

    Wanted: 220 s / 280 s

    Looking to buy an original 220 S (1966-1959) or, 280 S (1966-1969). Or, 220/250/280 SE coupe Non runner / minor rust / lhd / foreign registration ok. Please send reply with full info + pics + location + price idea. Any tips welcomed. Will travel anywhere! Thanks
  4. S

    2012 220 CDI Fuel Filter replacement

    Does anyone have a guide to replacing the fuel filter on a 2012 E220 CDI? I'm particularly interested in whether the water sensor is transferable or do you have to buy a filter with one already on and does the filter prime itself by turning the ignition on a couple of times after fitting...
  5. Nemecys

    W209 CLK 220 - Door Rattle

    Hey guys, Owned a CLK 220 for about a year now, runs like heaven, not had a single real issue with it, or a part replaced but i have only accounted like 7-8k miles. Basically, sometime last year i was hit by an uninsured - untraceable driver... on the Motorway as we all came to a fast...
  6. B

    E class 220 CDI 2013- Jerky Gearbox

    Dear All, I would like to ask for your help, I have recently purchased an E Class 220 CDI, 2013 with the 7G Gearbox. I have noticed at certain time- mainly low speeds going down and hill, or bumpy roads. the car jerks in 2nd gear and the REV counter is up and down between, 1,000&2,000 RPM...
  7. B

    CL203 220 cdi Sport Auto

    Hello, New member, I'm looking at buy a 2006 model with 56'000 miles on the clock. Full Mercedes main dealer history. Is there a buyers guide on here? or is there any known issues that I should check out? Many thanks
  8. J

    W203 2006 Coupe 220 cdi Evo - First Merc

    Hi all I took the slightly nervous plunge and brought a 2006 220 Coupe Sport Evo. It has 73k on the clock with a massive gap in service history :( I love the car and seems to run ok, although the gearbox seems a bit jumpy on gear changes compared to my last car (Audi A4). Not sure if...
  9. J

    Strange 220 CDI Gearbox Issue

    Hi everyone, I've got an annoying problem with the gearbox on my 06 CLK 220 CDI sport. Second gear in particular. In the morning when the engine / gearbox is cold, whilst driving out of the estate I live on, the gearbox changes into second smoothly, but whilst in second the revs will get...
  10. N

    s class w 220

    hi everyone this is my first post just hoping someone has a cure for my electrical gremlin. fitted new suspension pump and new valve unit, shortly after passenger door electrics went dead, also centre dash switches went dead including hazard lights any help appreciated
  11. M

    W204 220 CDI passenger door panel removing

    any one can help with guide how to remove door panel please Mthanks!
  12. D

    W204 220 cdi sport front springs

    Hi all, looking for some advice, changed the front discs and pads on the car the other day when I noticed the front passenger side Spring has broken, I'm looking to replace it with the original merc parts but can't find springs for the sport anywhere, would any of you be able to help me out with...
  13. P

    Will I be disappointed with an E Class 220 CDI?

    I have an old W210 320 CDI estate and love it. Looking to get an additional car (sold the Jeep today) and have seen a lovely 2007 220CDI E Class estate, perfect in all respects except I don't know about the engine. After the 6 cylinder diesel, am I going to dislike the 220? Its 200...
  14. M

    W204 220 Cdi throttle body location...

    Can anyone tell me where the throttle body is on a 2009 c220 Cdi (651 engine?) Also, is there a way to test it? Have been getting a Charge Movement Flaps Bank 1 code which I've been told is the Throttle Body... Would be nice to test before weighing out for a new one..
  15. J

    Mb 220 S Pontoon parts

    Looking for a good set of front / rear bumpers. Or, just the rear. Must be in good condition. Also other parts. Even complete car for parts. Thanks
  16. M

    W204 220 CDi swirl flaps

    Hi all, First time owner here and I've just got a 59 plate 220CDi. I've got to say, I've been missing out! What a lovely car. One slight niggle that's come up on diagnostics (snap on solus as I'm still looking for someone with star) is a Charge movement flap bank 1 fault P200A28 I'm...
  17. magentalic

    220 cdi engine wanted

    i need an engine for a c class 220 cdi 2004. 646 mine has gone pop.or anyone know who could repair it it is no.3 cylinder knocking and smoking so i guess it is a dropped valve or piston problem.
  18. T

    Dtc p0404 220 cdi c class sport

    My brother has a C 220cdi sport manual on a 2006, recently he has had an engine light come on, the local garage has fitted a new MAF sensor and an EGR valve, but the light is now back on several days later. He asked me to look at it and it has an DTC 0404, I can clear the code however the car...
  19. H

    V 220 rear suspension (flat)

    Hi,I am a new member and am re-posting this in the right forum, (not engines). 2001 V220 converted to camper, after the compressor fuse blew about 4 times over about as many months, the compressor has stopped running. Towards the end the warning light would illuminate, I press the button and...
  20. P

    C Class 220 cdi amg sport W204 2012

    Hi all, I have recently purchased the above c class a friend of mine had the same but a 2011 model he has told me this is a twin turbo,is this correct?,done a google search regarding this and found nothing can anyone confirm this please. This is my first Merc and I love it to bits. T I A.
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