1. M

    31k mile E320 Cabriolet for £25k

    Personally I do not care for a celebrity ownership, but there's no denying this appears to be an absolutely stunning example with a very good specification. E320 Cabriolet Darren
  2. E

    C32 AMG wagon / estate only £2.5k with a day to go

    Mercedes C32 AMG | eBay
  3. The _Don

    MB sends new £25k car 189 meters down a Cheshire salt mine to prove it has true grit

  4. 300CE

    Mercedes 320 CE Sportline Coupe ONLY 15K Miles (£25k!)

    another on Pistonheads: Gotta be the most expensive non-cabriolet/AMG to date: Used Mercedes 320 CE Spotline Coupe ONLY 15 K Miles for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 848277)
  5. twixfits

    Blimey... £25K 190 2.3 Cosworth ... Sold!

    Not ebay but..... Mercedes 2.3 16v Cosworth » 4Star Classics
  6. 300CE

    MERCEDES W124 E320 CABRIOLET SPORTLINE - 37k miles - £25k!!!!

  7. aka$h

    E36 Cabriolet £25k!!

    Mercedes : AMG E36 Cabriolet - One of only 14 - Very Rare Its a very rare car, but missing the front bumper. The car was fitted with a kit, as the AMG side skirts and rear bumper are there. The wheels have been changed for replica's and by the looks of it, the front is springs have been...
  8. A

    Car needed for relative £2k to £2.5k

    I'm helping my brother-in-law find a replacement car in a bit of a hurry as his current car has died (suspected engine ECU failure). His current car is a 2002 Fiat Stilo and repairing it doesn't look financially viable given it's value. I may start another thread about breaking a vehicle...
  9. stats007

    Cat D Repaired R230 SL600 for £25k

    This might be a bargain - only done 18k miles!
  10. stats007

    £25k Mercedes Choice

    I have an itch to scratch.. If you had £25k for a low mileage secondhand mercedes, what would you go for? My criteria are pretty simple - power, noise and nice to look at! I'd be tempted by the C32 as it's the fastest and most agile of them all, but it's not a convertible and not a V8. The...
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