1. L

    mercedes 209 clk 280 sport

    Hi i'm looking for a garage to take my clk 280 sport to have a new balance shaft fitted.can anybody recommend me someone that's good near london.
  2. D

    nice w111 280 se coupe left hand drive

    Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111 **NO RESERVE** | eBay
  3. richardgr88

    A209 2008 CLK 280 Sport Service Items

    Hi all, My car has done just over 10,000 miles since it's last service about 1 year and 3 months ago. The MOT is due in May and I'm wondering whether I should service it or not. It's on 61,000 now. It drives well and regularly gives fuel economy in the late 20's and on a very long steady...
  4. B

    SLK 280 buying advice

    Hi all, we are looking at buying a used SLK. We have seen a 280 auto advertised which we are very interested in going and looking at. I have searched SLK buying advice on the forum search but just end up with a blank screen, hence this post. Please can anyone offer some idiot guide type...
  5. DelDrew

    M272 E30 (CLK280) Hesitation when cold

    Hi everyone, So I'm a newbie here and been pouring over the various threads picking up loads of really useful information. I've just bought a 2007 CLK280 convertible as a 2nd car. It was a bargain price but it does need a little TLC! So, the first issue that I'd love some advice on, is a...
  6. ringway

    CLK 280 AMG Sport. Opinions required, please.

    Not for me, but for a family member. Your opinions on this car would be very much appreciated. LINK. mercedes benz clk 280 amg sport | eBay TIA. Paul.
  7. T

    CLK 280 (new to me)

    Hi Having had a 3 month break from Mercedes, had a Golf GTi Mk5, realised how much I missed having a Mercedes. Had a few issues with the DSG gearbox on the golf which was resolved at a cost of £2300 - luckily paid through warranty - but had no confidence in the car and at the end of the...
  8. richardgr88

    A209 2008 CLK 280 Fault Codes P0128, P0856

    Morning All :-) So I was driving home from my friends house at about 10PM last night when the Engine light came on my fairly new to me 2008 CLK 280. Being a 280 I have checked the engine number of the M272 engine and it looks to be quite past the balance shaft issue. I see P0128 refers to the...
  9. richardgr88

    2008 CLK 280 Sport Cabrio Obsidian Black A209

    Hello all :-) Now the proud owner of a 2008 CLK 280 Sport Cabrio Obsidian Black as of a about 3 weeks. So far have fixed intermittent warning about turn signal in right mirror and handbrake cable rubbing on prop shaft. Very pleased so far, just cleaned it for the first time today...
  10. T

    1983 280 SL Advice for a Newbie

    Hi, I'm totally new to the marque so go easy... But an opportunity to buy a 1983 280 SL has come up from a known, local, trusted source. I'll get the detail in a few days (history file, service record, etc.) and the opportunity to inspect it up on a ramp...but what are the big issues...
  11. B

    CLK 280 2006 model - NTG version help

    Hi all, I have just purchased a CLK280 2006 sport and would like to update the Sat Nav DVD to the latest version. Can somebody help me find out which NTG version I have? The current DVD in the CD drive is ver 6.1 - I would hope there is a later version of this available I can purchase...
  12. J

    Wanted: 220 s / 280 s

    Looking to buy an original 220 S (1966-1959) or, 280 S (1966-1969). Or, 220/250/280 SE coupe Non runner / minor rust / lhd / foreign registration ok. Please send reply with full info + pics + location + price idea. Any tips welcomed. Will travel anywhere! Thanks
  13. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 280 280S 1972

    There's a time warp factor about this one...! Mercedes-Benz 280 280S 1972 | Trade Me
  14. ioweddie

    Scale Model Mercedes 280 Convertible

    Hi I'm selling a 1:18 Scale Mercedes 280 Convertible on ebay along with loads of other model cars. Just in case anyone is interested. 1:18 Scale Mercedes 280SE Convertible Flawed 27cm long Diecast Model Car Loose | eBay
  15. N

    My CLK 280 Convertible

    Hi everyone I recently purchased this 2006 CLK 280 Convertible. It's done 50k miles, been very well looked after. I gave it a proper machine polish (wasn't bad at all) wax etc. Took a few pics yesterday. Love it, but already looking at CLK 55 Convertibles now! Cheers
  16. N

    Smoking s211 280 cdi

    Hi all Could anyone give rough diagnostics and how to go forward ? I have 2005 s211 280 cdi with 160,000 on the clock Lumpy idling Lots white smoke after 5-10 mins of being stationary with bad fuel smell Occasional stuttering under full throttle Occasional bad cold start...
  17. MD5

    211 CDI remap: 320 vs 280

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but which engine version of the V6 CDI (320 or 280) would produce better performance results after remapping? Am I right in thinking that the engines are the same, and the 320 is a remapped version? If so, have I nearly answered my own question in that it...
  18. J

    W164 280 Trouble Starting

    My ML 280 is struggling to start in the mornings. Just after we bought it last year the glow plug light was staying on for longer than it should be and it was struggling to start. A diagnostic found that one of the glowplugs were faulty and the garage changed all 6 glow plugs (so they said) and...
  19. M.Khalid

    CLK 280 (W209) Engine M272

    Hi Guys, I am very concerned about my car since I have seen the thread about M272 engine and their common issues. I have bought on Monday a CLK 280 Sports Convertible 94,000 Miles 02/2006 with front bumper and front grill damaged (CAT D). Nothing else is damaged: Radiator in perfect...
  20. M.Khalid

    W209 CLK 280 - Rear Middle Seat Subwoofer

    Hi You Guys! I have bought a Mercedes CLK 280 (W209) Convertible with standard Audio system (I think it is called Audio 20). I have seen these original Harman/Kardon subwoofer for sale on Ebay...
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