1. C

    W196 2nd place

    Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta sold for £23m
  2. S

    Warranty on 2nd hand car

    hi there looking to buy a second hand c250 sport. 2011 so just out of its warranty i believe. We know the previous owner very well and have known the car since he's had it so know he hasn't had any problems. However theres a lot of electrics in these cars and i know parts aren't cheap so was...
  3. JethroUK

    Which is the errm 2nd best MB forum?

    Which is the errm 2nd best MB forum? Any with a mobile website?
  4. A

    2nd Merc first post :-)

    Firstly hello to everyone, ive looked in many times but have only just become a member. I have just taken delivery of my 2nd merc both have been E350 AMG cabs the first was a 2012 , the new one is a 2014 AMG E350 AMG sport plus black /black and im enjoying the new one loads. One question , The...
  5. G

    Jerk from 2nd into 1st

    Hi Guys Picked up my car from A car dealer yesterday an S320L CDI 2006 plate. Having issues with the gearbox driving it home. When i'm coming to a stop it jerks from 2nd into first regardless of what mode it is in. I switched the car off and on again and no problems!!! I'm guessing...
  6. B

    AMG auto box shows 2nd gear

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with this query. When I set C mode in my 2013 C63 and I pull to a standstill the gear selector screen shows 2. I can manually select 1 or select S or S + and the car starts of in first gear. Does the C mode automatically start in 2nd gear or do you think I...
  7. jeremy156

    722.9 7g-tronic starting in 1st, not 2nd

    According to the manual, my W221 S320CDI should pull off in first gear when in "S" mode and second gear when in "C" mode. Similarly it should choose from two ratios when reversing according to that selector. Additionally, it should change up earlier and change down later in C than S. In my...
  8. K

    E220 2nd time merc owner

    Hi, I'm joe. On my 2nd merc. Previous was a brand new 60 plate c250 cdi Love mercs. Have that little something extra. Cheers J
  9. H20 MRV

    C63 downpipes and Miltek 2nd cat delete

    C63 downpipes ( used low miles with sensors and cats ) And a brand new Milltek secondary cat delete ( brand new in box ) £500 + postage ( about £30 ) UK ONLY or Collect in Edinburgh.
  10. D

    2nd car proving expensive!

    I would like to have an m3 tag top as a 2 nd car. I've tried multi car insurance companies bur it seems the 2nd car stands alone. How do people insure their 2nd cars? I've tried Adrian Flux to no avail.
  11. Deadly Dave

    Irish Meet Sunday 2nd March

    There is a regular meet in Cherrywood, Dublin organised by an Irish Forum on the first Sunday of every month. Lots of different forums and clubs piggyback this meet, so its big with a great variety of cars. There are usually a few nice Mercs there too. I will be there in my `88 300CE so say...
  12. H20 MRV

    C63 downpipes and Miltek 2nd cat delete

    Now on fleabay unless sold on here, pm ok!! Mercedes C63 downpipes and X over | eBay
  13. BaldGuy

    04 Brabus SL500 - A very rare cherished 2nd car

    An extremely rare Mercedes R230 Brabus SL500 2004/54 Obsidien Black with Magnolia leather 52K Miles with full Service history 6 Months Tax, Will have a fresh MOT This car was brought new by the first owner and then shipped to Brabus Germany at considerable cost to have the following...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Next Mercedes-Benz GLK/GLC spotted ahead of 2015 launch

  15. Lipsylee

    C32 feels like clutch is slipping whilst Accelerating from 2nd to 3rd

    Hello the c32 feels like its slipping when accelerating a little hard mostly from 2nd to 3rd gear at about 2-2.5k rpm and when dropping back down . It's very jerky and when in manual if I go really slow in second then accelerate it jumps / jerks or slips . Any ideas would be great . Thanks lee
  16. NISFAN

    So, 2nd worst parkers....

    In a survey, MB drivers were found to be only second to Audi drivers as the worst parkers. Own up who are the 1 in 6 amongst us that adopt the FU car abandoning technique? :D Must admit, I am finding MB drivers displaying poor driving techniques more than ever before....this survey seems to...
  17. Rashman

    Bluewater catchup - Saturday 2nd March

    Looks like it will be dry for the rest of the week and into next week. It's going to be cloudy too, which should mean that temperatures should stay about freezing during the nights - which should crucially mean no gritting.... Hopefully! :crazy: If conditions are acceptable, I am hoping to get...
  18. R

    Should I take out extended warranty on 2nd hand E350 CDI (2009)

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2nd hand E350 CDI, Dec 2009. The car has 21,000 miles on the clock. The car has been given a one year warranty but for £1000 I can purchase a further 3 year warranty from the garage taking me to 4 years. Is this worth doing? Many thanks
  19. I

    Apple TV 2nd Gen

    Looking to purchase one of the above, must be in good condition and full working order. Thanks :thumb:
  20. S

    2nd thoughts about my MB

    Not sure where to start with this (don't want to bore people too much!!) I've owned my MB for 9 months now, and on the whole, it's been fairly enjoyable, but because of the shaky start to my relationship with the car (three weeks back with the dealer within the first 4 weeks to sort out...
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