1. IBN

    R129 (1990 300 SL) - Soft-top Problem

    Hi All My 300SL has developed a soft-top problem and I would be grateful for some advice as to how I can diagnose / fix the problem. The car has been in my garage with the roof up for the past month (been away on holiday). Yesterday, I decided to give her a wash and go for a run. As usual...
  2. Stig2082

    CLS passed family holiday test with flying colours (2,300 miles in 2 weeks)

    The test of the practicality of the CLS as a family car was always going to be put to the test in our annual summer hols trip into Europe. With roofbox on (necessary evil) we cruised across to France, then Italy and back. It racked up 2,300 miles in 2 weeks and it didn't miss a beat. It happily...
  3. D

    w124 or w126 8v 300e or 300 se

    either w124 or w126 i realise coupe sl with the same engine are much to much expensive. a friend really need a whole car does not matter about mot as he need to take out engine gearbox he is on a tight budget. if u can help and have something suitable if u can take out and fit the engine and...
  4. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 ce complete cream leather interior (£50.00 start/no bids as yet)

    Full interior with dash, carpets and steering wheel: Mercedes 300 ce complete leather interior | eBay
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes-Benz 300 Saloon (W124) With Brabus Body Kit

    Mercedes-Benz 300 With Brabus Body Kit | eBay
  6. syfaphonetic

    1986 300 SL Indicator Stalk :(

    :doh: My friends car is being completely renovated. It is done. It looks beautiful.... Chassis up. Really chuffed. Except. They broke the indicator stalk while working on the car!!! Obviously being a classic parts are going to be harder to get hold of - but we cant find a...
  7. S

    1964 300 se coupe

    Friday Ad down my way Oh yes please! If this does not work then google Friday ad costa del sol. It very nice. Also a lovely 190 SL RENNSPORT not cheap tho.
  8. S

    300 sl 24

    1993 'L' Mercedes-Benz R129 300SL-24 Roadster in Stunning Condition - Classic! | eBay
  9. David C

    Original W126 300 SE Tyre?

    Hi, I got my W126 300 SE 1987 yesterday bit of a project, Nice base car with only 60k on the clock so I'm trying to put back to her former glory to enjoy. Question is, the car has 4 different tyres on it, does anyone know what the original tyres were for this car? Brand, size, etc The...
  10. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 SEL 4.5 W109 1972 Rare Car Left Hand Drive Project

    Mercedes 300 sel 4.5 W109 1972 Rare Car Left Hand Drive Project. | eBay

    300 ce

    This looks like it could be a very good buy for the right person, unusually high spec too, and is that a period Becker I see? 1989 MERCEDES 300 CE GREY W124 NOT E220 E320 E200 230 CE COUPE SPARES LEATHER | eBay
  12. K

    W124 300 td

    Collected yesterday a 1995 E300TD estate that I hope is going to do us for a good 100k miles. VIN is WDB1241912F319174. I gather it has a catalyst in the exhaust system. I have no intention of donning an anorak, but I'm curious about the changes MB made during the last year of production...
  13. alex300ce

    Clinky prop shaft 300 ce 1988

    Hi, sorry im new here and have just brought a 300ce after wanting one for ages, as with most cars 24 years old i have a few problems(though with a MB i should say far less than another make!) One problem that im not sure of is when driving along through town i can here a clinking metal noise...
  14. T

    300 diesel W124

    Hi, I have been looking around for a nice clean 300 D saloon W124 model. Ideally I was hoping to find a pre 24 valve model, but I would be happy with anything as long as the car and especially the body work is in good shape. I had a 1988 one back in the early 90s and I covered nearly 250K...
  15. M

    W124 - Rear 300 TE badge and 4matic badge

    Hello, While I wait for my exhaust and OVP to arrive, I've been hunting down badges but cannot find a rear tailgate "4matic" or "300TE" badge for my 1992 W124 in the correct font. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thanks, Dan
  16. 300CE

    Mercedes - Benz Carat Duchatelet 300 ce

    Lots of history: Mercedes - Benz Carat Duchatelet 300 ce | eBay
  17. T

    A 5 year plus rested 300 ce help please.

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 300 ce gold paintwork with cream leather, not sure of age or mileage yet , it is sitting on a neighbours drive and has been for more than 5 years, he is asking £500 as he feels that the supposed private plate has a value of £200. I havent tinkered with old...
  18. T

    300 ce newbie

    Hi, I am hoping to buy a 300 ce and will be needing lots of your knowledgeable experience in such a car. I live in Hampshire and should be bimbling around soon I hope !
  19. W

    My AMG kitted 300 ce coupe

    Hi all, Recently purchased my first Mercedes, I love older cars as I enjoy the rarity and having something different from the average joe. I also like working on cars myself and after playing with old Hondas the Mercedes makes a nice change. Decent pics to follow but i'll put a couple up as a...
  20. B

    w124 300 ce startup problem

    Hi I recently bought Mercedes w124 300Ce 1990 , which was left parked in the garage for almost 4 years. I have changed all the spark-plugs, leads, distributor cap, ignition coil.But facing startup problem. I have checked the fuel pump which is working fine as you turn on the ignition ( you...
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