1. G

    merc 300 sl r107 w107

    Hi all, new on here. I own a 1988-89 300 sl and had a bit of a water leak in the car, on further inspection i found that water was comming in from around the heater blower which came away from the car in my hands and left a nice big rusty mess! i have proceeded to remove the dash to gain access...
  2. D

    must be the most expensive 300 d 1990 saloon i am not sure it is worth it u judge it

  3. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz 300 ce (claims rust free)

    Looks pretty nice: Mercedes Benz 300 ce | eBay
  4. 300CE

    1988 mercedes 300 ce auto gold

    Is it me or do those seats look unusual (possibly re-covered?) - also has the oversized wood: 1988 MERCEDES 300 CE AUTO GOLD | eBay
  5. D

    300 CE Mpg compared with E280 estate

    Hi, I have to change to an estate as need the room- I wonder can I expect more mpg from the estate or less- the CE is 1989, estate is 1995 Thanks
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz 124 300 CE 24v Sportline auto 1990/H

    Mercedes Benz 124 300 CE 24v Sportline auto 1990/H | eBay
  7. B

    wheels, for a 1992 300 SL

    :confused: I have just bought a 1992 300 SL (129 060) and it came fitted with 20 inch A.M.G. split rims. I am trying to find a set of 16 inch wheels to fit to the car as was fitted when it was made. Does anyone know where i could swap or p/x my wheels. I live in the northeast (M'BRO). Brad.
  8. C

    300 E 3.4 AMG - should I?

    Hi all, My name is Axel and Im from Oslo. In my 20s and contemplating moving up in the world - that means going from a W201 to a W124. Ive eyed up a 1986 300 E 188 bhp that got the full AMG treatment in the fall of 1990 - a full 3.4 transplant and conversion. Doesnt say so in the V5 only...
  9. L

    300 SE - creaking door linings / door bins

    recently bought a 300 SE and notice the interior of the doors / or perhaps the door bins making creaking noises at slow speeds, over bumps and on breaking/accelerating. is this just because its an old car/old plastic etc can anything be done to reduce the noise. i was thinking trying to...
  10. M

    My 1991 E 300 In Green

    Hi All, On Friday I picked up this E 300 in Green from Torquay after flying down from Edinburgh. There was the minor inconvenience of getting her home again, but she made it in comfort without issue. These really are very pleasant cars! A few photos below for you: She...
  11. horgantrevor

    W124 300 CE -24 door trim wanted

    Hi I have a friend looking for a w124 300 CE - 24 Door trim See in pictures thx guys if any one can help let me know Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  12. s2oty

    w124 300 ce lowering springs

    HI guys. So, in preparation for the fitment if 18 inch amg woodblock alloys I'm going to order some springs. There seem to be loads on eBay ranging from c120 upto 230. My thoughts are on the eibach ones that lower about 40mm. Can I get some guidance on why there's a price variance and any...
  13. R

    The Geely Merrie 300!

    If originality isn't everything to you then ladies and gentlemen I give you the Chinese Geely Merrie 300....
  14. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz 300 ce SPARES OR REPAIR

    Seems relatively rust free around the usual areas, so a good ol' service and those niggles sorting could see a nice motor - also states 56k on the mileage. Not sure as to what the cost of the welding would be: Mercedes Benz 300 ce SPARES OR REPAIR | eBay
  15. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SE GENUINE 40KMS !! 1989

    Mercedes-Benz 300 SE GENUINE 40KMS !! 1989 | Trade Me
  16. Druk

    W124 300 diesel engine stop

    The Haynes manual 3253 referring to the vacuum stop element on the injection pump says... "When the ignition key is turned 'OFF' the switch interrupts the supply of vacuum to the shut-off module stopping the engine" This surely is incorrect? Me sucking on the vacuum module causes the...
  17. 300CE

    Mercedes w124 300 ce black-wald edition

    Not sure if this one has been up before, if it is, seems to have had a few owners in a short amount of time: MERCEDES W124 300 CE BLACK-WALD EDITION | eBay
  18. trapperjohn

    SL 300. Down South.

    Mercedes 300sl 24v 1992 | eBay
  19. The _Don

    Mercedes-benz w124 300 te 4matic estate: Spotted

    PistonHeads Headlines - Mercedes-Benz W124 300 TE 4Matic Estate: Spotted
  20. 300CE

    300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van"

    :eek: 300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van" Camper | eBay
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