1. Screwdriver

    W123 300D Air Con Condensor Radiator replacement

    Greetings, My original air con condensing radiator on my 1984 UK 300D has sprung a leak. MB UK no longer sells a replacement so I'm going to have to turn to an OEM supplier. The dealer shared the following part number: A1268300670. I believe the original was made by Hella-Behr? Any...
  2. F

    Fatmans W124 300d

    Hi folks... long time member but never got around to putting a thread up for it. I have had this thing for a few years now but have only gotten around to doing anything with it last summer in preparation for taking it to Edition38. Also got a trip to Stuttgart in July to the Mercedes Museum...
  3. Steve260E

    W124 300D Stanced

    I kind of get the stanced look, I just don't get the orange steel rims :confused: I also imagine it makes a slow car than rides well into a slow car that rides awfully. Edit: kind of like the steering wheel though Mercedes w124 300d / stanced / 1989 | eBay
  4. T

    w123 gearbox 300d

    hi i am looking for a vacuum modulator to fit the w123 automatic gearbox my gearbox number is R1152714601 any information where i can get one would be great thanks tony
  5. Charles Morgan

    W124 300d OM606 issues

    Right, having replaced all but one of my glowplugs and reconnected them I still find no glowplug light in the instrument cluster and absolutely no sign of starting. First things first - where is the glow plug relay so I can check the resistances of the glowplugs?
  6. Screwdriver

    WTB: W123 300D Centre Exhaust (Mid Section)

    Greetings, I am looking a NOS/ New mid section for my 84 300D. If you have one lying around in this condition, happy to take it off your hands for an agreeable price. Best!
  7. W

    1989 W124 300D OM603...a bit scruffy

    FOR SALE This is being posted on behalf of an old gentleman who doesn't do the internet! Good points All 4 jacking points welded and sills have been stonechipped 4 brand new Nexen tyres Brand new blue Bosch battery (not in picture) cost over £100 All 6 glow plugs replaced this year...
  8. I

    300D 1986 Low Miles - High Price

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 300D 3.0D Diesel - Immaculate Car with Very Low Miles | eBay~ I'm fond of these, but that's never going to be a horny car - even to me. Is it worth 5k?
  9. D

    W123 300D Turbo

    Anybody own one of these? Buying advice and idea of values much appreciated.Looking at a 1984 for sale, fully loaded, rust free, currently on spanish plates, any issues getting it on a UK plates? Thanks in advance.
  10. D

    New member W123 300D turbo

    Hi, wanted to say hello and wondered if any of the members on this site could point me in the direction of locating a W123 300D Turbo. I love these saloons but can't find any of them outside of the states. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Dave.
  11. J

    W123 300d diff

    As the title says, I'm after the diff from a 300d. I know there were a few different ratios but I'm after the 3.07. Thanks if anyone has one or knows there whereabouts of one.
  12. M

    300d 1996 cranks won't start :-/

    Hello Peeps Maybe this won't be a mystery to you bright sparks... but... my 96 300D was getting a bit grumpy upon start up. Upon advice I asked my local mechanic to fit new glow plugs while I was away on holiday. This he did. However the car cranks but simply will not start. It won't even try...
  13. D

    W124 300D with AMG kit and AERO 1's...

    I love the look of this.... Looks like an enthusiast got hold of it and spent some good mney on it...Combines rare Gen1 AMG looks with the practicality of a 300D... If it was black, I would have really been tempted... W124 MERCEDES 300D DIESEL AUTO,FULL AMG BODY KIT,AMG AERO ALLOYS, NO...
  14. trapperjohn

    S124 300D 24v Not starting when hot.

    Perhaps not hot but lets just say is up to normal temp after a bit of a run. Car a 21 year old diesel car suffer from CPS issues? Car runs absolutely spot on from cold (after a bit of air works its way through the system) either on the move or in say a traffic queue. but will not start again...
  15. I

    W123 300D Taxi in Berlin last week!

    I'm very fond of these, not least because I've got one myself, but to see one plying its trade in 2015 in a modern German city brought a big smile to my face and almost a tear to my eye! Click to enlarge, I think.
  16. jamesfuller

    Breaking W124 300D 24v

    My poorly 1994 300d multivalve OM606. It has a few problems... Lost drive, think diff or halfshaft! Knocking from engine again. I am keeping some of the bits that will fit our S124 petrol but still a fair few useful parts and grey leather interior in reasonable condition. I work away...
  17. B

    ´87 300D W124 6 months in, some "imperfections" remain

    Hey guys, Bought myself a very cheap ´87 W124 300D manual which i´ve now owned for exactly 6 months. Having not been used for 2 years and not having paperwork things didn´t start off to well...but after new engine mounts, prop shaft couplings, prop shaft bearing, rear diff mounts, 4 new...
  18. D

    W124 300D Sump

    A friend of mine managed to take a sizable chunk off his so im looking for a replacement. Can collect between Sheffield and Abergavenny (South Wales) or have it posted. Car is a 1990 E300D non-turbo
  19. D

    W124 300d headgasket / overheating

    About a year ago, I sold a very tidy 1990 W124 300d estate to a friend, who looked after it lovingly, driving it and improving it, until a week or so ago the aux drive belt snapped. This resulted in an extremely hot engine and a blown head gasket. In a fit of emotion I have agreed to but it...
  20. Screwdriver

    New rubber for my 1984 W123 300D : Energy Saver?

    MOT advisory says my current set are near the end of their time. 195/70 R 14 on the famous Benz steelies. Is there a tyre known amongst the w123 community as best? I was leaning strongly towards the Michelin Energy Saver + given all the claimed benefits of fuel economy and longevity.
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