1. trapperjohn

    Very nice 124 300D 24v Saloon.

  2. J

    New member diving straight in with a w124 300d!

    Hello all, I thought I'd better say hello and introduce myself seeing as I've just paid a deposit to hold an s124 multivalve, picking it up next week! It'll be my first ever Mercedes, but not my first time owning "old" cars as daily drivers having just sold a 1986 double cab VW pick up, and...
  3. I

    200T, 300D and 250L all W123 Possibly 116 and 124

    Hi All, After more than a year of kidding myself that I'd get round to making this trio something to be proud of, I've been forced to admit to myself that I don't have the time or the space, which is a great pity for me if not for my wife. I really need to sell three or four cars to get some...
  4. wastedisposal

    W124 300D estate wanted

    I am looking for a car that has been loved and not abused.
  5. wastedisposal

    W124 300D Estate running on SVO/WVO

    Hi, I am looking to buy Mercedes W124 estate 300D that is running on veggie oil. The car would need to have a long MOT and be in a good working condition. I am not too bothered about patches of rust. What I am looking for is a car without air leaks in the fuel system.
  6. wastedisposal

    W124 300D Multivalve - fuel blockage.

    Just two weeks ago I have purchased the car of my dreams a W124 300D Multivalve, estate. It ran on diesel without any problems, than I've filled it up with 70 litres of WVO and 5 litres of unleaded. The car behaved very well and I was enjoying the smell of Chinese food coming out of the...
  7. D

    W124 300d

    I have aquired a 1990 W124 300TD with 302,000 under it's wheels. There are some jobs to do. The glow plug light stays on after it has started and it initially runs on 4 or 5 cylinders, smoking well all the time, for about 10 seconds before settling into a smooth (for one of these) idle...
  8. P

    Cheap, quick fix for my 300D.....

    Had a problem with the fan for the heater this weekend not starting so, prepared to take it out to lube up the bearings and clean the brushes again. For interest, I checked the voltage at the terminals to see if there was an electrical supply problem first and when the probe pressed onto the...
  9. P

    300D - quick, cheap fix!

    See Interior.....
  10. michaelk3289

    1994 M 300d estate BCA blackbush

    Hi there evetyone. Though a few members might be interested to know there is a 300d going through blackbush on the 18th feb Cant seem to add the link. Maybe one of the forum users can help with this Not aure what the colour is called but it seems to be a gold/silver, no alloys and 200k ish on...
  11. horatio

    Stunning W124 300D

    Very nice W124 300D Proper Merc this one. 1991 MERCEDES 300D DIESEL BLUE | eBay Short MOT though.
  12. trapperjohn

    Almost new! 124 300D Saloon. £15K (gulp)

  13. I

    124 300d Estate 660,000 kms in good order

    Hi All, Doesn't look bad for £1200! I might just bid. Look at that engine bay. New box at 400k kms. No rust. What's that on the front, the vac pump? What's that on the left of the engine? 300D Auto, 1988. In Portugal. Cheers, Paul
  14. Newera

    1991 W124 300D Turbo Diesel - Modernising for family used over the next 10 years.

    Thought I’d post some pics & share the story of our 300D and it's progress here in Japan. It's a completely rust free 165,000km (103,000 mile) example I bought for a measley sum, but then spent more on it for parts, taxes, registration, etc. than the base cost. It replaces my wife's Lexus IS300...
  15. S

    Retrofit tachometer 1987 W124 300D

    Can anyone help with information on retrofitting a tachometer to my 1987 W124 300D? - this is the first car I have had without one and I hate the big clock where the tachometer should be.
  16. trapperjohn

    Black LWB G Wagen 300D. Belgian Plates.

    So stuck in traffic on the M55 this morning (a fender bender, UPS Parcel van up the chuff of a 106) Place was busy as hell what with The Open and stuff. Guess what tootles past me but the above. A really nice example too. Driver spots me in my 124 and gives me a thumbs up and he is away...
  17. D

    W124 300D Turbo

    This is nice too! It's funny how the Germans specced their cars differently to us in the UK. They don't seem to go in for all the bells and whistles. Keep fit rear windows for example. Mercedes Benz 300 D Turbo W124 Original 138.045 Km - Sehr gepflegt! 250D 200D TD | eBay
  18. I

    Just bought a 300D Estate, 1994, Multi Valve with 292,000

    Hi All, Needing something slightly larger than the saloon I came over to England in last week, I had a quick glance at the autotrader website on Sunday morning. Not imperative I found something, I could have left the things I'd bought until later in the year; that said, I had not sinned for...
  19. smeeeee

    To scrap or not to scrap! W124 300d

    Hi all, Thanks to everyone's wonderful posts and advice (just by lurking) I got myself an 02 w210 estate 320cdi this weekend, which feels pretty special and (fingers crossed) in good nick (fmbsh).:bannana: My old 300d w124 estate became a bit too knackered looking and generally rusty all...
  20. 300CE

    Mercedes 300d diesel with amg body kit w124

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