1. B

    87 300D W124 cut out on a steep hill

    Was driving up a twisty steep hill with about an eight a tank of diesel when suddenly felt a few small hesitations at 2k rpm in 3rd/4th gear. Thought it was just my imagination, changed down to second and took it through the rev range pulling fine. Then after the next sharp left bend (still...
  2. T

    WANTED - Fuel level sender W124 300D

    As above, need a working fuel level sender, I know 300E/TE ones fit as well, not sure about other engines.
  3. B

    W124 300D Severe judder

    Hi guys, Just bought a W124 1987 300D Saloon. It´s a manual car and displays the following behaviour: When the car is in gear and you are (very) gentle in pushing down or lifting off the gas, the car accelerates or decelerates nice and smoothly. However, if you change the throttle position...
  4. jamesfuller

    Help please, 300d problem

    Ive just had a bit of a nightmare drive home from Nottingham. I went to brake and had a solid pedal, luckily only doing 60mph;) Hooked the left foot under it, no Lucozade bottle. Maybe a split hose, so pulled into a handy layby. Engine wont switch off! Ah, suppose its vacuum. Try to fold...
  5. BAZ-500SL

    W124 300D cut out issue

    Hello, right I have a issue with a mercedes 300d w124, it drives ok when it's cold but after it warms up it cuts out, I will start again after 5 minutes can anyone tell me what this may be thanks all help appreciated in advance
  6. I

    W124 300D 24V Oil Pressure/Temp/RPM after trip image.

    Hi All, I took this image on Sunday morning a couple of minutes after I stopped following 200 miles at about 80 mph. Sweet as a nut. I’ve another at 300k with the oil just under two after the same run. They are the real thing, those om606’s. My wife drove the car from Bolton to Belgium...
  7. sl300 ireland

    300d on ebay

    MERCEDES BENZ 300D MANUAL DIESEL 1985 88,000 MILES BLUE MOT AND TAX | eBay went to view this, Rust on every panel engine smoking leaks in boot, front floor No history whatsoever for anything The man selling it a complete bull sh1tter Why waste peoples time with lies,
  8. DanMorgan

    Rhd w124 300d *turbo*

    w124 turbodiesel 300d | eBay
  9. S

    any IVI systems for a w210 300d wired w123 ?

    Hello! My friend's revamping a w123 inside-out, and will be laying out the cables from a w213 300d. His goal is a nice/suitable HD screen/infotainment system. He gave me this as a reference: For 2007~2011 Mercedes Benz C280 C350 C63 - Car HD Screen DVD GPS Radio TV BT CDC SWC MFD HD Screen...
  10. M

    Nice looking 300d

    1995 Mercedes Benz E Class W124 E300 Diesel Auto 7 Seater 4 Door Estate | eBay
  11. J

    Cooling system w124 300d

    Hi I have just replaced a pipe on heating system,after filling the system i can't get heat to heater,any ideas how to bleed system .thanks john::cool:
  12. M

    w124 300d 1991 exhaust wanted

    middle and front section wanted for a 123000 mile w124 300d 1991 saloon wanted based in Shropshire uk but will travel anywhere in the uk and collect and pay cash, im being quoted £250 plus :eek: for new. wondering whether a custom stainless system would be the way forward. any help or pointers...
  13. J

    W123 Estate 300D

    Hello I'm looking for a W123 Estate 300 D,or TD, manual or auto, for a daily driver, Southern England, thanks Jerry
  14. J

    W 124 300d fuel lines

    Could anyone please tell how to release plastic fuel pipes,they are the ones with the metal. Clips at the end.thanks john
  15. J

    W124 300D OM606 estate

    Due to changes in circumstances (off work due to a badly shattered collarbone) I'm having to sell one of the vehicles on the drive! I initially bought the car at a time when my other vehicle had supposedly sold yet that fell through, and then due to my accident, I ended up with them both...
  16. SL300-24

    W124 300D transmission Fluid Change

    Is this any good for my W124 autobox? CARLUBE DEXRON II, Auto. Transmission Oil for Merc. SPRINTER 2-t(901, 902) 95-06 | eBay Also where is there a cheaper alternative place to buy a transmission fluid change kit......(filter,rubber gasket, washers for the torque converter drain and the...
  17. Newera

    Modernising & perfecting a minty W124 300D Turbo!

    About 2 years ago, I decided it would be wise to stop changing cars every few years and just modernise an older, but high quality Benz Turbo Diesel capable of doing very high mileage & offer good economy. Older Diesel Mercedes are very rare in Japan and I wanted a rust free one with a decent...
  18. L

    Hello from a mega MB fan

    Hi Guys I've been a mega fan of MB classic for 5 years since I bought an ex wedding car 300D with 42k miles. (Which is now for sale on ebay sadly) and now also have a 1994 c36 AMG too - very different but equally impressive. I just love that our approach to live is so different to the BMW...
  19. J

    RHD W124 300d turbo??

    I understood these didn't happen as RHD due to issues with turbocharger and steering gear location?. But I've just seen one for sale...right hand drive and a genuine boost gauge in the dash clocks??!!
  20. C

    Wanted: w124 300d non turbo

    Mechanically sound condition pls. Rust not an issue, body condition not an issue. Thank you
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