1. W123chris

    Hi New to forum - W123 300TD - Advice appreciated

    Hello fellow Merc people, I have a beautiful shiney red 1985 - W123 300 estate which means a lot to me - grew up in the car (aswel as a house ofcourse) she was my grandaddys and we have seen some miles - however the major problem at the moment is the Ignition Barrel needs replacing due to some...
  2. kingronnie

    1992 W124 300TD, 81K miles For Sale

    For Sale Item: 1992 Mercedes 300TD (estate). Low mileage and great condition! Description: 1992 k-reg (private plate not included) 81k miles 3 litre diesel Full Mercedes service history from new Was owned by the manager of Mercedes Benz main dealership for its first year of life...
  3. E

    W124 300TD - idle surge/hunting. Delivery valve seals at fault?

    Hi all, The old girl has started hunting at idle. I've had a weep at the delivery valve seals for a while now, that I've never got around to fixing. Could this be the culprit? If so, can anyone recommend an online supplier for the o-rings and copper washers please? Thanks

    W124 300td

    So what do we think of this peeps?! Mercedes W124 300td estate For Sale (1992) on Car And Classic UK [C655168] I'm hankering after a w124 estate as a family wagon for some reason. Looking for something to work on and get looking like Jay's gorgeous E36! I'm not fussed about a tatty example as...
  5. T

    1992 W124 300TD Electrical Problems

    Hi all, I haven't been very active here of late owing to the fact that I parked up my 300TD a couple of years ago. It has been started and run regularly (every couple of weeks) however I have now noticed some electrical issues, briefly as follows: 1. Rear lights very dim, both tailights...
  6. chilsta

    Wanted: Complete Cruise System for '94 E300D S124

    Am after a complete kit to retrofit to my multivalve 3 litre diesel estate. Need everything. Thanks
  7. gr33nmachin3

    Immobiliser?! 1992 W124 300TD Estate

    First time poster here on this particular forum, but I frequent other forums and am chuffed that these forums exist! I looked through the 12 pages of posts using the search term 'immobiliser' and did not come up with a suitable answer, so I'll post this as a new thread. On to the details: Hi...
  8. W

    W123 300td Estate wanted

    I've not seen anything decent in a while, does anybody know of anything?
  9. U

    W123 300TD or 230TE wanted

    Hi, I'm looking to buy either a W123 300TD or alternatively a W123 TE. I'm looking for a good useable car, a daily driver. If anyone has a car or knows of one for sale could you please let me know. Many thanks Graham
  10. A

    W124 300TD estate, 7 seats, immaculate

    Here it is guys, having to part with it. Got it advertised on eBay but message me if you want further info. http://ebay.to/1zoTO38
  11. guydewdney

    W210 300TD estate - rough

    170K miles. Last MOT run out (have not tried to get a new one yet). All working fine - all windows work. electric memory heated seats. No COMAND No 7 seats. Usual rust to arches and boot. Engine and box good. Had some welding on the front subframe last year for the MOT. New rear suspension...
  12. M

    W124 300TD with sport chassis

    It's not even as wildly expensive as I'd imagine for a Charles ironprice car. I've not seen a Diesel w124 with a sport chassis before...or electric heated seats for the matter. Car Detail
  13. ioweddie

    Not ebay but wightbay Merc 300TD Estate

    This looks and reads pretty good if you fancy a trip to the IOW, nothing to do with me and I do not want to be involved in anyway but thought I'd put it on here just in case anyone looking for one. Eddie 1990/1 Mercedes 300 TD Estate in Ventnor, Isle Of Wight
  14. Charles Morgan

    W124 - installing 300TD from 210

    How easy would it be to replace the existing engine and transmission in a W124 estate with the turbodiesel and 5 speed from a W210? I love the engine and transmission, but don't like the rust of an early 210, while I love the W124 multivalve but would like a bit more oomph and a 5 speed box...
  15. D

    W210 300td something seriously draining battery any ideas???

    Hi, I have an 1999 e300td the car has been fine part from now something is draining the battery really quickly, the battery is only a few months old and I've tested it and its fine If this is a common problem does anyone have any ideas??? Thanx
  16. Iain

    BREAKING: W210 300TD saloon

    Currently breaking the above. All parts available except engine. Dipping rearview mirror Avantgarde grille Rear child booster seats in black MB tex EIS/ECU & 2 keys available Amongst other things. PM for what you need
  17. S

    w210 300 TD wont start

    Hi just joined the club and I have a problem already My 300td wont start it turns over and almost fires up but then dies Lots of white smoke from the exhaust I managed to get it to tick over for a miniute or to but it was strugggling at about 500 revs The car has been standing for a few...
  18. paddingtonfire

    Bit smoky W124 300TD

    Afternoon all, just a question really and after some help.. 1992 300TD W124 estate (OM603). The old girl sailed through her MoT this week with my friendly tester. I am noticing though some smoke coming out the back, especially when I kick down, or put my foot down a bit. Yes I know it's done...
  19. balge

    W124 Electric windows p/n needed

    Hi repaired the electric window on my 300TD the other day, regulator swap was a lot less fiddly than I was expecting, but I found some broken bits sitting in the bottom of the door... Seems to be called 'guide member', slides up and down to stop the window rattling. Might be two pieces...
  20. paddingtonfire

    W124 300TD estate - fuel issue at motorway speed.

    Good morning, I've recently purchased one of the above vehicles, a '92 model. 225k on the clock, OM603.912 engine. The guy who sold it to me said it had been running on veg oil, but changed the filters before I got it, and they do look new. Starts fine, a little bit of a rough idle, but when I...
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