1. T

    Question on 360 degree cameras

    When I put my W205 C-Class in to reverse, the camera feeds on to the COMAND screen so I can see the guidelines and the image behind etc. Is this just a reverse parking camera? And is the 360 degree camera a completely separate option that my car just doesn't have? If so does anyone know the...
  2. flowrider

    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite Console

    Selling my sons Xbox 360 Elite Console with 120GB HDD. Comes with two controllers and charging stand with rechargeable charging packs. In original box, includes HDMI and all other supporting cables. I think I have everything in there that came with the Xbox new. No microphone included...
  3. C

    360 camera image quality problems

    So, I have a 360 camera in my 2014 E300 and I think something is wrong with it. I have looked at a few videos on Youtube and all of them show a great image quality even at night. Mine is half good during the day and absolutely unusable during the night. It is just too dark and the software...
  4. M

    Merc car washing with 360 camera

    Hi, I have got new car merc C220D with 360 camera. Is it okay to do car wash at commercial place (hand car wash/machine car wash)? Any precautions to taken for 360 camera when washing at commercial places? Would highly appreciate your advise and guidance on this. Thanks & Regards Mercabhi
  5. uumode

    Amazing 360 video

    You need to watch this on your mobile, as the 360 view is completely navigated in a fluid fashion by turning your viewport. 360 videos are not that new, but being a video being able to react to a phone's sensors is I think https://youtu.be/OwDtPixqJLc (cough... I know it's BMW, but...
  6. Jay2512

    LG 360 Camera - New toy

    Bit of a gadget man and couldn't help buy one of these the other day. Ive recently been doing 360 photo's with the phone but takes far to long. Today I stuck the new camera in the GLC and took this picture: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipN4ttAlc4pObnuTTj2iFT-V-BGArO-Se1iNgMgl
  7. 8

    360 degree Camera

    I had not chosen the 360 degree camera option in my awaited new GLC as I thought it was a bit of a gimmick. I have been changing my mind recently as I have seen various reviews and it looks like it could be quite useful, particularly for my wife who being vertically challenged does not get a...
  8. kithands

    360 Camera Software Update

    My S212 E350 AMG Sport ( build date Aug 2014 ) is have some intermitent issues with the 360 camera system. For no apparent reason the system shuts down with no picture from any of the cameras and just the basic overlay detail on the comand screen. Ignition on/off does not cure the problem. If I...
  9. T

    HOW IS THE C350e?

    I am planning to change my E300 AMG Sport Hybrid company car for a C350e. I really need to know what any C350e owners think please. I am planning to go for the 18" wheels and thinking about the 360' camera if anybody has an option on that too. Tommo
  10. J

    360 Camera and TV Tuner

    Last week I chopped in my 2009 E350 coupe for a new one and have to say I am very impressed!! Its amazing how technology has moved on in 6 years. New car has 360 camera and I was going to fit a Helfrauds dashcam for recording purposes. It then occurred to me - has anybody devised a way to...
  11. Bladgb

    360 Camera Problem New V Class W447

    My new V Class (V250) has the 360 camera option. This is probably the same tech as other models - I have the Comand that looks like an iPad stuck to the dash. Just done 1000 miles and noticed the drivers side wing mirror camera sometimes doesn't display an image on the screen. The fault is...
  12. ScottBacon

    Bad news on 360 degree cameras

    Been told today that MB have supplier problem with the 360 degree cameras. Any cars being built through July will not be supplied with this option which seems almost unbelievable to me? That includes my car :( V bad news as that particular option really appeals to me / probably many of us
  13. fab1975

    Record footage from 360 camera?

    Hi guys, I apologise in advance in case this topic had already been debated, but after a quick search I could not find anything specific... so here I am! Does anyone know if it is possible to capture and record video footage from the 360° camera? My question is mainly related to the new...
  14. M

    Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

    Hi Guys, As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s...
  15. W

    F1 video: 360 interactive lap with Rosberg at Silverstone

    MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS - F1 W05 360° Video
  16. kit17

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's anti-virus software, 1 year protection.

    Norton 360, version 6, Gold Edition, 3 PC's, anti-virus software, 1 year protection. NEW. £1.99 start bid! Norton 360 version 6 Gold Edition 3 pcs anti-virus software, 1 year protection. | eBay
  17. jonnyMercUK

    ‎**FOR SALE: Domyos HG 360 Multi gym** £100

    ‎**FOR SALE: Domyos HG 360 Multi gym** £100 Great piece of kit, just need the space. Video can be seen here: Máquina de Musculação domyos-hg360.flv - YouTube
  18. Gareth

    Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel & WheelStandPro

    Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel & WheelStandPro Details for the stand can be seen here: http://www.wheelstandpro.com/products/stand-for-microsoft-wireless-racing-wheel-for-xbox-360 The steering wheels seem to be commanding a premium on eBay as they aren't sold anymore. So I'm...
  19. A

    Xbox 360 Forza 3 to Forza 4

    Hello So I finally after getting an xbox around 6 months ago, plugged it in... It came with Forza 3 and Dirt 3 back then. I looked at swapping Forza 3 for 4 but get around £5 for Forza 3 so decided as I've played neither I would not notice the difference? Anyway, i've now been playing it...
  20. M

    Xbox 360 arcade (WHITE ONE) & OR PS3 FAT

    £50 complete xbox 360 arcade with leads... OR £100 for a PS3 FAT console... controllers & games available at cost... CHEERS MERRY XMAS
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